From Task Force on Travel Restrictions

As we all know, the number of COVID-19 infection cases, the regions affected by the virus, and the countries on the Government’s list for mandatory quarantine continue to grow. Apart from heightened exposure to health risks, especially in places where surveillance measures might not be sufficient, the rapid developments of travel restrictions imposed by different countries and regions could result in visitors to these places being stranded abroad.

In view of all these, the University wishes to discourage its members to travel before the virus situation improves. With immediate effect and until further notice, the University will, in general, not entertain applications for leave or grants for business trips.

For private trips, colleagues choosing to visit countries and regions on the Government’s list for mandatory quarantine will be required to apply for annual or unpaid leave to cover the period of mandatory quarantine when they return.  As a health precautionary measure, the University may also require colleagues returning from places currently not included in the Government’s list for mandatory quarantine to undergo health screening and clearance before they return to the campus.

Please visit the University’s COVID-19 Info Hub from time to time for updates on the COVID-19 situation and related arrangements of the University.  In particular, staff returning to Hong Kong are advised to visit the webpage with e-health screening form.  Those who have travelled to places with active community transmission of COVID-19 as listed by the Government are required to fill out the form upon their arrival back to Hong Kong.

Please stay vigilant and continue to make personal health your top priority.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases