Work Arrangements Beginning August 24

In closely monitoring the development of the COVID-19 situation and in preparation for the start of the new academic year, the University intends to gradually resume basic services starting from August 24, 2020.

Apart from emergency and essential services, the University will endeavour to provide basic services, including maintaining the normal operating hours, from August 24 in general. With a view to reducing people flow and social contacts, Departments/units are asked to continue to exercise flexibility in work arrangements while ensuring that basic services are maintained, such as by adopting flexible working hours, staggered lunch breaks, and appropriate “work from home” and/or roster arrangements as set out in a circular dated July 14, 2020 to List C recipients (including Heads of Departments/units in general).

The University will continue to implement appropriate infection control measures. Specifically, Departments/units are reminded to implement appropriate infection control measures in workplaces as set out in a List C circular dated July 3, 2020. All individuals on campus should maintain good personal and environmental hygiene, and an appropriate social distance with others particularly during “mask-off” activities such as eating or drinking. Those with symptoms such as fever or cough should not come to the campus, and anyone developing symptoms on campus should seek medical assistance immediately. 

Campus facilities will gradually resume their services, for which announcements will be made separately.

The University will keep closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and make the necessary adjustments. Please check with the COVID-19 INFO HUB on the University Main Page for services update.

Please continue to stay vigilant and make personal and group health your top priority.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases