Work Arrangements Beginning September 7

In light of the latest development of the COVID-19 situation, the University intends to transition to normal levels of services from September 7, 2020.

The University will provide normal services from September 7 in general. Where necessary and without affecting their services, Departments/units may continue to exercise flexibility in work arrangements such as by adopting flexible working hours and staggered lunch breaks, with a view to maintaining appropriate social distance on campus and in public transport. Appropriate infection control measures will continue to be implemented. 

Individual campus facilities may need to make special service arrangements due to the COVID-19 situation, for which announcements will be made separately.  

The University will keep closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and make the necessary adjustments. Please check with the COVID-19 INFO HUB on the University Main Page for services update.

Please continue to stay vigilant and make personal and group health your top priority.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases