Vaccination Day on HKU campus (July 21 and August 11)

Throughout the pandemic, a key priority for the University has been to implement measures that would minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission on campus. Your decision to get vaccinated will help to keep you protected individually and help keep the HKU community safe

Vaccination Day at HKU

To facilitate a greater uptake of vaccination before we return to regular on-campus activities in the coming academic year, the University will be holding a Vaccination Day on campus. 

A limited number of BioNTech vaccines will be administered by the HKU Health System on campus on 21 July (First Dose) and 11 August (Second Dose), and all HKU staff and students are eligible. Please click here to register for the BioNTech vaccine on Vaccination Day.

The Sinovac vaccine is already available to HKU staff and students via the University Health Services (UHS). Please click here for details.

Still unsure?
Join us for the Vaccination Myth-breaking Webinar Q&A for answers

We understand that some HKU members have concerns about the vaccines and their personal medical conditions, so HKU medical experts will be on hand to respond to your enquiries directly. Don’t miss the COVID-19 Vaccination Myth-Breaking Webinar Q&A to be held on 13 July. Register and send in your questions now!   

HKU staff members will also be eligible for the vaccination leave. Please click here (HKU Portal login required) for the details.

Thank you for doing your part to protect the community and slow the spread of COVID-19. See you on Vaccination Day!

Task Force on Infectious Diseases