Registration of Covid-19 Status Using HKU Portal or HKU App

Message from Task Force on Infectious Diseases (TFID)

Dear colleagues,
Following the email from Professor Ian Holliday, VP/T&L and Chair, Task Force on Infectious Diseases sent out on December 7, 2021, I write to inform you that staff and students with a valid HKU Portal account can now register their COVID-19 status via HKU Portal or HKU App.  
Here are the registration steps:
1.              HKU Portal: Go to HKU Portal > type covid in the Search field > click HKU COVID-19 Control link > follow the onscreen instructions to upload your vaccination or self-test document; or  
2.              HKU App: Open the HKU App >  tap the More button >  tap Staff Corner > login with HKU Portal UID and PIN > tap  HKU COVID-19 Control icon> follow the onscreen instructions to upload your vaccination or self-test document.  (Note: Please update HKU App to version 2.10 before you can see the HKU COVID-19 Control icon.)
After registration, staff and students can access the campus by tapping their HKU ID cards on the readers (housed in HKU green) at the entrances to HKU starting from 17 January 2022, the first day of S2 teaching.  To better prepare for the implementation of this enhanced Covid-19 control measure, the readers will be ready for pilot use starting from 10 January 2022.  
Please note that the above registration procedure is not applicable to staff holding Facilities Access Cards, who will be able to use the channel for visitors to enter the campus.  
For enquiries on the above registration steps, please contact our ITS Service Desk at or 3917 0123.
IT Services