Confirmed case of a staff member in Knowles Building

Message from Task Force on Infectious Diseases

Dear colleagues and students,

We have been informed today of a confirmed case of COVID-19 concerning a staff member working on the 10/F of the Knowles Building.   The staff member last came to the campus on February 4, 2022.  He underwent testing last night and was informed of a positive result this morning.

While we are awaiting the CHP’s advice on contact tracing of the case, all staff and students who had been in the Knowles Building during the period January 28 to February 4, 2022 are asked:

(a)        to undergo a PCR test for COVID-19 as soon as possible; and

(b)        NOT to come to the campus until they have received the first negative test result.

The Estates Office is arranging cleaning and disinfection of the 9/F and 10/F and the common areas of the Knowles Building.   All offices on the 9/F and 10/F will be closed tomorrow (February 8, 2022).    

We will closely monitor the situation and announce any updates as soon as possible. 

Task Force on Infectious Diseases