Vaccine Pass Compliance

Message from Human Resources Office

Dear Colleagues,

Vaccine Pass Compliance

Following the announcement on the Vaccine Pass arrangements by the Task Force on Infectious Diseases (“TFID”), all University staff members, save for those exempted, will be required to have taken at least the first dose of COVID-19 vaccination prior to their entry to the University premises from this Monday, February 28, 2022 onwards. For details, please refer to the TFID’s announcement dated February 14, 2022 (

The purpose of the Vaccine Pass arrangement is to maintain a safe workplace for all members of the University community.  It is expected that the arrangement will remain in force for a good period.  To protect yourselves and your fellow colleagues and students on campus, if you have not yet taken the vaccination(s) to fulfil the Vaccine Pass requirements, you are strongly urged to do so.  

From February 28, 2022 onwards, taking vaccination will be a responsibility and a requirement for staff members in order to maintain access to their workplace on campus. Leave approving authorities would have no obligation to grant leave of any kind to cover periods of absence from duties due to failure to comply with the Vaccine Pass arrangements, given that leave will only be granted subject to exigencies of the University’s operational and service needs. Periods of absence not covered by approved leave will be deemed as unauthorised.  

For colleagues who are planning to take the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to meet the Vaccine Pass requirement, a grace period may be allowed until March 11, 2022.  Between February 28 and March 11, 2022, annual or unpaid leave may be granted, or the appointment may be converted to a fractional/part-time basis subject to work requirements and approval by the Head. Colleagues may wish to take advantage of the Community Vaccination Centre (CVC) at the Loke Yew Hall and make early booking for the vaccination (

For colleagues who remain unvaccinated after March 11, 2022 and do not have a certificate on medical conditions, since they would not be able to fulfil their work requirements fully in the near future, no further leave would be granted in general.  It will be obligatory for the University to consider appropriate actions, including initiation of the process for termination of appointment in accordance with the individual terms of employment. 

In this connection, colleagues are reminded to maintain up-to-date vaccination(s) record under the HKU COVID-19 Control System (via the HKU Portal or the HKU App).  Details for the registration procedures can be found at  Unless individual staff members indicate otherwise to the Human Resources Office (via email:, the vaccination(s) records updated to the system will be used for the purpose of ascertaining staff members’ Vaccine Pass status.   

We thank you for your understanding, co-operation and support to maintain a safe campus for all during this difficult time.
Please continue to remain vigilant, putting your and group health your priority.

Questions on appointment matters may be directed to colleagues in the Human Resources Office who serve your Faculty/Department/Office (

Yvonne Ho
Director of Human Resources