Message from Task Force on Infectious Diseases

Dear colleagues and students

As you know, the new semester and academic year will start tomorrow. In line with Government policy, we seek to strike a balance between controlling the virus and minimizing disruption to HKU core activity. I’m writing with some brief reminders and updates.

Health and hygiene on campus
To reiterate: it’s very important to pay close attention to personal and public health and hygiene. Pls do keep this in mind whenever you come to campus.

Daily RAT if moving about a lot
As a courtesy to others you may wish to take a daily RAT, especially if you expect to move about the campus and meet with large numbers of people.

No mask for speakers in lecture settings
Unless an individual Faculty has its own policy on this, speakers in lecture settings with at least 2m distance from everyone else in the room no longer need to wear a mask. This relaxation does not apply to any other form of teaching, and standard pandemic protocols continue to apply to anyone not lecturing: mask on throughout, no eating or drinking at all.

HKU Moodle
Since some students may not be able to return to campus because of isolation or quarantine orders, teachers are asked for the next few weeks to ensure that for lectures either the ppt slides or the recording are uploaded to HKU Moodle.

Pls drop me a line with queries:

Best wishes, Ian

Professor Ian Holliday
TFID Chair, VP/T&L