New Government Policy on Arrivals to HK and Update on Campus-related COVID-19 Case

An official at the Centre for Health Protection (CHP) has described Hong Kong as facing a “second wave” of Covid-19 infections, since many of the newly recorded cases seem to have been individuals infected while outside Hong Kong. 

Starting from March 19, all inbound arrivals to Hong Kong, except those from Macau and Taiwan, will be required to undergo compulsory quarantine.  Staff and students concerned must stay at the designated places (quarantine centre, home or other accommodation) for a 14-day compulsory quarantine. 

If you are living with someone who is under quarantine, please inform your Department Head or supervisor, be vigilant at all times and practice the highest level of hygiene and infection control measures, such as maintaining a social distance, avoiding sharing personal items and having meals separately.  If you have any symptoms, you should not come back to work and should seek medical attention immediately.   

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There is also more reference information available from the CHP at

We would also like to update you about the three HKU colleagues who were required to go into quarantine on March 13. Two of them have tested negative for COVID-19, while the third one, awaiting test results, was never on campus when there might have been a chance of transmission. 

The University will continue monitoring the situation and provide further details as appropriate.  Updates and related information can be found on the COVID-19 Info Hub, in particular its FAQ

We wish to remind colleagues and students returning to Hong Kong to fill out the University’s e-health screening form as soon as possible:

For the protection of the community and your own individual health, please continue to stay vigilant, exercise good hand hygiene and seek medical attention if you feel unwell.

Thank you for your attention.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases