Updates about S2 Teaching Arrangements (UG & TPG)

Since sending out last week’s bulk email about S2 teaching arrangements, I’ve been chatting with teachers in several disciplines about classroom allocation. There are a couple of additional issues I need to raise with you.


It’s clear that classroom requirements could change quite a lot as different scenarios unfold. Teacher A might change a lecture from hybrid to online mode, thereby releasing a classroom. Teacher B might change a set of small-group sessions from hybrid to online mode, thereby again freeing up classroom space. Teacher C might change the type of hybrid mode used for small-group sessions from f2f+online in all timeslots to f2f in some timeslots (for students who are in HK) and online in other timeslots (for students who are out of HK), thereby generating a need for classrooms. In sum, we’ll have some teachers with allocated classrooms that are no longer needed, and other teachers seeking classrooms for small-group sessions with students who are in HK. We’d like to facilitate as much f2f activity as possible, because both teachers and students value the chance to meet on campus. To do so, however, we’ll need to receive information about teacher preferences as soon as possible.


Last week’s bulk email set a deadline of December 11 for course coordinators to ask their departmental or faculty office colleagues to insert in SIS one of three options for lecture delivery mode: online, hybrid, f2f. A similar deadline is implied for small-group interactive sessions such as tutorials, labs, studios, clinical practicums, with the information then being communicated to students through the regular channels used by each Faculty. While there’s no need for any of this to change, I’d like to ask all teachers to make a provisional choice about delivery mode for both lectures and small-group sessions within the next ten days. Please inform your departmental or faculty office colleagues of your preferences by Friday, November 20.


We’ll then liaise directly with departmental and faculty offices to shuffle the central allocation of rooms for S2. For this exercise, we’ll adopt two core principles. (1) Any teacher who switches from hybrid to online mode will relinquish their centrally-allocated classroom. (2) Any teacher who wishes to open up a f2f session within a hybrid-mode class, as for instance in the Teacher C scenario above, may bid for a centrally-allocated classroom and we’ll inform them whether we’ve been able to find one by December 7. Teachers will then be able to confirm their choices about delivery mode ahead of the December 11 deadline for releasing this information to students.

I realize that there are complexities here. Unfortunately, classroom allocation this year is far from straightforward. Please email me with queries: ian.holliday@hku.hk.

Best wishes, Ian

Professor Ian Holliday

Vice-President (Teaching and Learning)

The University of Hong Kong