Notes from Task Force on Infectious Diseases

(Last updated on August 18, 2021)

Students returning to Hong Kong

In view of recent outbreak of COVID-19 Delta variant over the world, it is necessary for the University to step up the infection control measures.

Students returning to Hong Kong have to complete all government quarantine requirements including the 7-day self-monitoring (if applicable), in addition to the vaccination/testing requirement already in place, before they could reside in student residences,  except: 

  • Students returning from Group C countries/regions as specified by the Government – they may reside in student residences during the self-monitoring period.
  • Students who can fulfil all the conditions (as specified by the Government) under the Return2hk Scheme (i.e., are exempted from the compulsory quarantine requirement) –  they may move in to student residence upon their arrival into Hong Kong.

The University would provide support to non-local hall residents who cannot stay in HKU’s student residences for self-monitoring AND are staying in commercial lodging during the 7-day self-monitoring period. A subsidy scheme, capped at HK$200 per student per day, is available to eligible students (effective between 1st August and 31st December 2021) upon presenting the official receipt of the lodging facilities over the 7-day self-monitoring period.

Subject to the University’s approval, individual student residence may, based on their specific circumstances or concerns, devise more stringent control measures.  The University has approved additional control measures required by Chi Sun College; for details please visit the website or contact the college.

The University will continue to keep in view the latest COVID-19 situation and revise the infection control measures, including those set out above, as and when required.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases