S2 Teaching Arrangements for RPg Courses

  1. I am writing to inform you about the teaching arrangements of the Graduate School (GS) courses in semester 2 (S2). The teaching arrangements in S2 will be similar to our current arrangements in semester 1, except that a teacher of a Graduate School course with an allocated classroom will not be obliged to make use of it, but will instead have the option of switching to 100% online mode. Any teacher wishing to exercise this option must seek endorsement from the Graduate School Programme Director, Dr. Wai Lan Tsang, at tsangwl@hku.hk.
  2. For Faculty courses, Faculties may make reference to the T&L arrangements, and there may be variation within Faculties/Departments at their discretion.
  3. Students are reminded to first discuss and seek the support of their supervisors for studying online in S2. Please note that if you are a HKPFS awardee, you have to follow the rules and requirements imposed by the RGC. As of today, the RGC has not announced whether there will be special arrangements for S2. The special arrangements as set out in my email of August 7, 2020 are applicable for S1 only.
  4. Please do not hesitate to contact the Graduate School if you have any questions. Please stay vigilant and healthy.

Best wishes,
Professor Frederick K.S. Leung
Graduate School
The University of Hong Kong