Latest Campus-related Test Positive Cases


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Date of reportPlaces visited on campusFaculty / UnitHall / CollegeDate of last visit to campusStudent / Staff / Visitor
18 May7/F HRIMedicineN/A17 MayStudent
12 May9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A6 MayStaff
11 May5/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A10 MayStaff
5 May11/F KTCITSN/A4 MayStaff
5 May11/F KTC, UHSITSN/A3 MayStaff
4 May3/F HCScienceN/A28 AprStaff
26 Apr11/F CJT, G/F KK, 1/F KBSocial SciencesN/A22 AprStaff
23 Apr5/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A21 AprStaff
23 Apr5/F, 7/F and 8/F CJT, 3/F MBSocial SciencesN/A22 AprStaff
22 Apr3/F and 4/F CBEngineeringChi Sun College19 AprStudent
21 AprL7 Lab BlkMedicineN/A20 AprStaff
20 AprL1 Lab BlkMedicineChi Sun College19 AprStudent
19 AprL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A15 AprStaff
11 Apr1/F CYP, Faculty of Medicine Building, HRI, Estates BuildingSafety OfficeN/A7 AprStaff
8 Apr5/F CBEngineeringN/A1 AprStudent
7 AprG/F, 1/F and 3/F HW, LG/F COB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A7 AprStudent
5 Apr1/F CPD, 1/F CJTCETLN/A5 AprStaff
5 Apr6/F KBSScienceN/A29 MarStaff
4 AprPPDHDentistryN/A30 MarStudent
4 AprG/F KK, PPDHDentistryN/A1 AprStaff
4 AprPauline Chan BuildingMedicineN/A31 MarStudent
4 Apr9/F KBRegistryN/A31 MarStaff
2 Apr1/F and 2/F CCTScienceShun Hing College28 MarStudent
1 AprChi Wah Learning Commons, 1/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A30 MarStudent
1 Apr3/F CYCScienceN/A31 MarStudent
1 Apr3/F, 6/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A31 MarStaff
1 Apr20/F and 21/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A30 MarStaff
31 MarL1 and L3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A29 MarStaff
31 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A29 MarStaff
30 MarG/F - 2/F EHSocial SciencesN/A25 MarStaff
30 Mar3/F William MW Mong BlkMedicineN/A28 MarStaff
29 MarL7 Lab Blk, 5/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A28 MarStaff
29 MarLG, L3 and L4 Lab BlkMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
29 Mar1/F, 2/F, 3/F and 5/F CB, 3/F HWEngineeringN/A24 MarStaff
28 Mar4/F KBArchitectureN/A22 MarStaff
28 Mar1/F and 2/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A23 MarStaff
27 Mar6/F HRIMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
27 MarLG3/F HRIMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
27 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
27 Mar6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A24 MarStaff
27 MarG/F HWEngineeringN/A21 MarStudent
26 MarUnion Restaurant, 4/F Haking Wong BuildingScienceN/A25 MarStaff
26 MarSimon K Y Lee HallSimon K Y Lee HallSimon K Y Lee Hall24 MarStaff
26 MarG/F LAUMedicineN/A24 MarStaff
26 Mar4/F KBSScienceN/A25 MarStaff
26 MarLG2/F KKEstates OfficeN/A23 MarStaff
25 MarG/F, 3/F and 4/F Lady Ho Tung HallLady Ho Tung HallN/A20 MarStaff
25 MarLung Fu Shan Environmental Education CentreEstates OfficeN/A22 MarStaff
25 MarLAUMedicineN/A22 MarStaff
25 MarL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
24 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A20 MarStaff
24 MarLG1/F CYCScienceN/A18 MarStaff
24 MarG/F KK, MBAsia Global InstituteN/A18 MarStaff
24 MarLG1/F LAUMedicineN/A22 MarStaff
24 MarR/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar1/F, 2/F and 4/F RM; 4/F, 5/F and 6/F MWEducationN/A22 MarStaff
23 Mar3/F PSEstates OfficeRodrigues Court21 MarStaff
23 MarHHDAAON/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar2/F LAUMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar1/F KTC, 1/F KB, The Coffee Academics FEON/A17 MarStaff
22 MarMHArtsN/A18 MarStaff
22 Mar1/F KB, 1/F MBRegistryN/A18 MarStaff
22 MarPPDHDentistryN/A18 MarStudent
22 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsBusiness and EconomicsSimon K.Y. Lee Hall19 MarStudent
22 Mar3/F KBSScienceN/A18 MarStudent
22 MarLady Ho Tung HallEducationLady Ho Tung Hall21 MarStudent
22 MarG/F, LG1/F and LG2/F EBMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
22 MarR/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
22 Mar6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
22 Mar6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
22 Mar7/F HWEngineeringN/A17 MarStaff
21 Mar4/F KB, Starbucks Coffee, U Deli, 3/F LBNArchitectureN/A18 MarStaff
21 MarL2 and L6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
21 MarL2 and L6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
21 MarL7 Lab BlkMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
21 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
21 MarUHSDentistryN/A15 MarStaff
21 Mar1/F KTCFEON/A17 MarStaff
21 MarUniversity HallScienceUniversity Hall21 MarStudent
20 Mar2/F and 6/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
19 Mar3/F CYCScienceN/A15 MarStaff
19 Mar19/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
19 Mar4/F K Blk and Room 13, QMHMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
19 Mar12/F, KTCInternal Audit OfficeN/A15 MarStaff
19 MarUHS, G/F RM, 6/F CRTArtsN/A18 MarStaff
18 MarLG1/F HWEngineeringN/A12 MarStudent
18 MarG/F and 1/F LAUMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
18 Mar21/F and 22/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A16 MarStaff
18 Mar21/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStudent
18 Mar8/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A13 MarStaff
18 Mar9/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A11 MarStudent
18 Mar5/F HRIMedicineN/A14 MarStudent
18 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, 2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A12 MarStaff
18 Mar1/F CCTUniversity LibrariesN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar2/F PPDHDentistryN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarPPDHDentistryN/A11 MarStudent
17 MarPPDHDentistryN/A15 MarStudent
17 Maralfafa caféDentistryN/A15 MarStudent
17 MarL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
17 MarL3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarL3, L4, L10 and L11 Lab BlkMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
17 Mar21/F and 22/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarBlk T, QMHMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 MarLAUMedicineN/A12 MarStaff
17 Mar5/F K Blk, QMH MedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 Mar14/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
17 MarPatrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar6/F HRIMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A11 MarStaff
17 MarNew CollegeScienceNew College16 MarStudent
16 MarLG4/F EBEstates OfficeN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar6/F CBEngineeringN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar2/F Professorial BlockMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar1/F DMMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
16 MarG/F Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical StudentsMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
15 MarG/F HWEngineeringN/A9 MarStaff
15 MarG/F and 2/F HWEngineeringN/A8 MarStaff
15 MarRMEducationN/A11 MarStaff
15 MarCCTLawN/A10 MarStaff
15 MarChi Wah Learning Commons, BIJAS VegetarianLawSuen Chi Sun Hall14 MarStudent
15 Mar1/F C4BUniversity LibrariesN/A11 MarStaff
15 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A14 MarStaff
15 MarKBArchitectureN/A11 MarStudent
15 Mar4/F CYCScienceN/A12 MarStudent
15 MarCYCScienceN/A11 MarStudent
15 Mar5/F and 7/F KBSScienceN/A14 MarStudent
15 MarRC Lee HallRC Lee HallN/A14 MarStaff
15 Mar5/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
15 MarUHSMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F and 2/F Lab BlockMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F Lab BlockMedicineN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarHKU-FPA Andrology LaboratoryMedicineN/A12 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F Professorial Block, 6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar5/F Block K QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F Block T QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar5/F and 6/F FMMMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
14 MarUniversity HallArtsUniversity Hall14 MarStudent
14 Mar7/F and 8/F CRT, G/F KK, Starbucks CoffeeArtsN/A8 MarStaff
14 MarPPDentistryN/A10 MarStudent
14 MarPPDentistryN/A10 MarStudent
14 MarMBDentistryN/A11 MarStudent
14 MarKBSScienceN/A11 MarStudent
14 MarKBSScienceN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarFong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantArchitectureN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarG/F-16/F Lee Shau Kee HallLee Shau Kee HallN/A12 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F LBOUniversity LibrariesN/A7 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarPPDH Pros LabDentistryN/A7 MarStaff
13 MarPPDHDentistryN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarMBEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F and 4/F RRScienceN/A7 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F LBOBusiness and EconomicsN/A6 MarStudent
13 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A6 MarStudent
13 MarG/F KK, 11/F KTCRegistryN/A8 MarStaff
13 Mar2/F LAUMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarK14S, K1, S3, QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
13 Mar1/F and 4/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
13 Mar2/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A7 MarStudent
12 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar4/F MWEducationN/A5 MarStaff
12 Mar5/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar3/F JLScienceN/A10 MarStaff
12 MarLBO, 4/F JLSafety OfficeN/A11 MarStaff
12 MarLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A8 MarStaff
12 MarBlock T QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F & 20/F Block T QMHMedicineN/A6 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F & 20/F Block T QMHMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F Lab blk, QMHMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar3/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
12 Mar4/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
12 Mar8/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar8/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar1/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
12 MarG/F 1/F LAUMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 Mar1/F PM, 7/F HRIMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 MarUniversity HallMedicineUniversity Hall12 MarStudent
12 MarUniversity HallArtsUniversity Hall12 MarStudent
12 MarEliot HallSocial Sciences7 MarStudent
12 MarUHSSocial SciencesNew College9 MarStudent
11 Mar1/F PPDHDentistryN/A8 MarStaff
11 MarUHSUHSN/A9 MarStaff
11 MarUHSUHSN/A9 MarStaff
11 Mar6/F CYC, 5/F CYP, 3/F bench outside CYAScienceN/A9 MarStaff
11 MarUnion RestaurantScienceUniversity Hall5 MarStudent
11 MarUniversity HallEngineeringUniversity Hall11 MarStudent
11 MarUniversity HallArtsUniversity Hall11 MarStudent
10 MarLG2/F KKEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar11/F KK, Union RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A7 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F HW, Union Restaurant EngineeringN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A8 MarStaff
10 Mar2/F HCScienceN/A8 MarStaff
10 Mar8/F KBSScienceN/A5 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F KBSScienceN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarUHSScienceN/A7 MarStaff
10 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
10 MarL2 Lab BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStudent
10 MarL1 Lab BlkMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarL8 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
10 MarG/F and 1/F LAUMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
10 Mar2/F Professional BlkMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F HRIMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarGraduate HouseSocial SciencesGraduate House9 MarStudent
10 Mar4/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A3 MarStudent
10 MarStudent FlatsArtsStudent Flats (6 Sassoon Road)10 MarStudent
10 Mar6/F KBArchitectureN/A6 MarStudent
10 Mar10/F KBRegistryN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar3/F PPDHDentistryN/A8 MarStudent
10 MarLG4/F Estates Building, 1/F Flora Ho Sports Centre ComplexEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F KB, Union RestaurantArchitectureN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarLG2/F KK, 10/F KB, KB Main Plant Room, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarLG1/F COB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F HW, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F and 8/F HWEngineeringN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarCOB, HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F COBEngineeringPine Court2 MarStaff
9 Mar8/F KTCUniversity LibrariesN/A2 MarStaff
9 MarCCTLawN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar2/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F and 6/F Blk T, 3/F Professorial Blk, 7/F Blk S, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar10/F Blk T, QMH MedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarHKU Jockey Club Institute of Cancer CareMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarL10 Lab BlkMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
9 MarL3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
9 MarL9 Lab BlkMedicineN/A5 MarStaff
9 MarL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarG/F Pharmacy of SCM, LG2/F Estate BuildingMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarBay View Restaurant, 1/F and 6/F JCBIR, 1/F Yu Chun Keung Medical LibraryMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar8/F KBSMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A5 MarStaff
9 Mar6/F Cancer Centre, 1/F Professorial Blk, Out-patient Clinic, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar6/F CTC Conference Room, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarPPDH, Institute for Advanced DentistryDentistryN/A4 MarStudent
9 Mar8/F Run Run Shaw TowerArtsN/A1 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F, Grantham HospitalMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarLG4/F Estates BuildingEstates OfficeN/A7 MarStaff
8 MarEstates BuildingEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F Estates BuildingMedicineN/A5 MarStudent
8 MarEstates BuildingMedicineN/A5 MarStudent
8 MarUG3/F Simon KY Lee HallSimon KY Lee HallN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarG/F Lady Ho Tung HallLady Ho Tung HallN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F CYP, Union RestaurantSafety OfficeN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F CYPSafety OfficeN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F CYPScienceN/A1 MarStudent
8 Mar10/F KTCUniversity LibrariesN/A6 MarStaff
8 MarLYHUniversity LibrariesN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarL5 Lab BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 MarL3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL3 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 Mar6/F William MW Mong BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F Professorial Blk, 1/F KBMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar2/F New Clinical BuildingMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar8/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F, 8/F and 9/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar6/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
8 MarL3 QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar3/F RR, ParknShop, Union RestaurantScienceN/A1 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F CJTArtsN/A7 MarStaff
8 Mar3/F LBOBusiness and EconomicsN/A3 MarStudent
8 MarLBO, Cafe 330Social SciencesN/A3 MarStudent
8 Mar2/F PPDHDentistryN/A7 MarStudent
8 MarPPDHDentistryN/A3 MarStudent
7 MarPPDHDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
7 MarPPDHDentistryN/A3 MarStudent
7 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, Sai WanDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
7 MarLBODentistryN/A4 MarStudent
7 Mar3/F CYPScienceN/A2 MarStaff
7 MarKBSScienceNew College4 MarStudent
7 MarKBSScienceN/A4 MarStudent
7 Mar4/F KBS, UHSScienceN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar2/F and 5/F CYCScienceN/A2 MarStudent
7 MarUHSUHSN/A4 MarStaff
7 MarUHSUHSN/A4 MarStaff
7 MarLG1/F, G/F and 10/F CRT, UHSArtsN/A1 MarStaff
7 Mar1/F and 9/F KB, Union RestaurantRegistryN/A28 FebStaff
7 Mar10/F KBPresident's OfficeN/A28 FebStaff
7 Mar4/F K Block, QMHMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
7 MarLab BlkMedicineN/A1 MarStudent
7 Mar6/F Lab Blk, 2/F Dexter HC BuildingMedicineN/A1 MarStudent
7 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar3/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A5 MarStaff
7 MarLG2/F HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStudent
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A2 MarStaff
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A1 MarStaff
7 MarPauline Chan BuildingPokfulam Amenities CentreN/A2 MarStaff
7 MarRBCRobert Black CollegeN/A5 MarStaff
7 Mar12/F Morrison HallEducationMorrison Hall7 MarStudent
6 Mar2/F KKInformation Technology ServicesN/A4 MarStaff
6 MarUHSFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A5 MarStaff
6 Mar1/F Kennedy Town CentreFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A3 MarStaff
6 Mar3/F PPDHDentistryN/A28 FebStaff
6 MarUHSDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
6 MarMB, 5 Sassoon Road, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
6 MarMBEstates OfficeN/A28 FebStaff
6 MarL2/F and 6/F Lab BlockMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
6 MarUHSMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
6 Mar2/F LBO MainCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A1 MarStaff
6 MarG/F RRRegistryN/A1 MarStaff
6 Mar5/F CYPScienceMorrison Hall2 MarStudent
6 MarInnovation Wing TwoEngineeringN/A2 MarStaff
6 MarLG3/F CBEngineeringN/A4 MarStudent
5 Mar1/F CYCEngineeringN/A2 MarStudent
5 Mar1/F LBOITSN/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar7/F CRT, LBOArtsN/A28 FebStaff
5 Mar1/F MBHorizons OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarHH, 2/F MB, West GateDAAON/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar14/F and 15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A1 MarVisitor
5 Mar2/F William MW Mong BlkMedicineMorrison Hall4 MarStudent
5 Mar3/F and 10/F CCTLawN/A3 MarStaff
5 Mar4/F HCScienceN/A3 MarStudent
5 Mar4/F, 8/F KBSScienceN/A4 MarStudent
5 Mar6/F MWEducationN/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarGA/F, 1A/F and 2A/F FSFong Shu Chuen Amenites CentreN/A3 MarStaff
5 MarJockey Club Student village lllJockey Club Student Village lllN/A2 MarStaff
5 MarL4 Lab Blk, Lap-Chee CollegeMedicineLap-Chee College4 MarStudent
5 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A2 MarStudent
5 MarLG2/F, G/F (CYC/CYP)ScienceN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarMain CampusDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
5 MarPPDHDentistryMorrison Hall3 MarStudent
5 MarStarr HallMedicineStarr Hall4 MarStudent
5 MarUHSBusiness and EconomicsN/A3 MarStaff
5 MarUHSUniversity Health ServiceN/A1 MarStaff
5 MarUHSUniversity Health ServiceN/A4 MarStaff
4 MarLG1/F and LG2/F COBEngineeringLap-Chee College1 MarStudent
4 MarLee Hysan HallArchitectureLee Hysan Hall3 MarStudent
4 Mar1/F MBMedicineN/A27 FebStudent
4 Mar8/F HRIScienceN/A3 MarStudent
4 MarHCScienceN/A27 FebStudent
4 MarUG/F and 3/F KBArchitectureN/A1 MarStudent
4 Mar10/F KB, UHSPresident's OfficeN/A2 MarStaff
4 Mar6/F CRTArtsN/A28 FebStaff
4 Mar1/F LBO MainInformation Technology ServicesN/A3 MarStaff
4 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A2 MarStaff
4 MarHCScienceN/A1 MarStaff
4 MarMedical LibraryMedical LibraryN/A1 MarStaff
4 Mar4/F CRTArtsN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar4/F HCScienceN/A26 FebVisitor
4 Mar2/F CYC, LBNScienceN/A2 MarVisitor
4 Mar5/F HRIDr. Li Dak-Sum Research CentreN/A24 FebStaff
4 Mar3/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
4 MarRBCRobert Black CollegeN/A3 MarStaff
4 Mar4/F CJT, The BridgeSenior Common RoomN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar4/F CBEngineeringN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar6/F CRTArtsN/A1 MarStaff
4 Mar3/F and LG/F HWEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F CYPScienceN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar7/F HWEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F JCBIRSocial SciencesN/A24 FebStaff
3 MarMedical LibraryUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F and 7/F KBArchitectureMiddleton Towers25 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F and 7/F CCTLawPine Court28 FebStaff
3 MarG/F, Lady Ho Tung HallLady Ho Tung HallN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F LKS Faculty of MedicineMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
3 Mar4/F KBSScienceN/A25 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F CYPScienceN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A28 FebStaff
3 MarUHSNon-Faculty Based Department/Office/Centre/UnitN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar6/F KBSScienceN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar8/F KBSScienceN/A26 FebStudent
3 MarMorrison HallArtsMorrison Hall2 MarStudent
3 Mar10/F CRT, Chi Wah Learning CommonsArtsMorrison Hall28 FebStudent
3 MarG/F KKEngineeringLee Hysan Hall26 FebStudent
3 MarLee Hysan HallEngineeringLee Hysan Hall2 MarStudent
3 MarPPDHDentistryN/A1 MarStudent
3 MarInnovation Wing, UHS, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A28 FebStudent
3 Mar4/F HCScienceMorrison Hall28 FebStudent
3 MarG/F RRLawN/A28 FebStudent
3 Mar8/F CJTArtsN/A2 MarStudent
3 Mar4/F HWEngineeringN/A1 MarStudent
3 MarWei Lun HallMedicineWei Lun Hall3 MarStudent
3 Mar2/F CYCScienceN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar3/F HW, CP1 COB, 7/F CBEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
3 MarUHSMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
3 MarUHS, HWEstates OfficeN/A1 MarStaff
3 MarL2 Lab BlkMedicineN/A24 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F LBOITSN/A27 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A2 MarStaff
2 Mar14/F and 15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A28 FebVisitor
2 Mar1/F KTCFEON/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar1/F MBTELIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarCancer Center, QMHMedicineN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarSimon KY Lee HallSimon KY Lee HallN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarStanley Ho Sports CentreCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A23 FebStaff
2 MarLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarLap-Chee CollegeJockey Club Student Village IIIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarMBTELIN/A23 FebStaff
2 Mar1/F KB, KioskRegistryN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarCYPSafety OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
2 MarL1 Lab BlkMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarLG/F and 3/F CRT, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar7/F KBS, UHSScienceN/A28 FebStudent
2 Mar2/F and 6/F LBO, Union RestaurantArtsNew College1 MarStudent
2 MarSuen Chi Sun HallEngineeringSuen Chi Sun Hall2 MarStudent
2 MarLBO, UHSEducationN/A25 FebStudent
2 MarLee Hysan HallEngineeringLee Hysan Hall2 MarStudent
2 MarPPDHDentistryN/A1 MarStudent
2 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsArtsN/A27 FebStudent
2 MarL10 Lab Blk, Med libraryMedicineN/A2 MarStudent
2 Mar2/F KBSScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 Mar3/F LBO, Gourmet AsiaMedicineN/A28 FebStudent
2 MarPPDHDentistryN/A24 FebStudent
2 MarPPDHDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
2 Mar1/F CYM Building, CYMAC RestaurantScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 Mar2/F CYCScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 MarSimon KY Lee HallBusiness and EconomicsSimon KY Lee Hall2 MarStudent
2 MarSuen Chi Sun HallArchitectureSuen Chi Sun Hall2 MarStudent
2 Mar4/F CYCScienceN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarLKS Faculty of MedicineMedicineN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarG/F and 3/F YP, G/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F, CJTCentre of Buddhist StudiesN/A28 FebStaff
2 Mar6/F and 8/F CBEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
2 Mar2/F CB, 1/F HW, Union Restaurant, LG/F COBEngineeringN/A1 MarStaff
2 Mar1/F, 2/F and 3/F HWEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar10/F KB, 1/F MB, LYH, 7/F MWPresident’s OfficeN/A24 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F RRScienceN/A23 FebStaff
2 MarJockey Club Student Village IIIJockey Club Student Village IIIN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarLYHSocial SciencesN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarUHSJockey Club Student Villiage IIIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarThe BridgeThe BridgeN/A26 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F CRT, Gourmet AsiaArtsN/A1 MarStaff
1 MarCYCEngineeringStarr Hall23 FebStudent
1 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsEngineeringLee Hysan Hall24 FebStudent
1 MarPauline Chan BuildingMedicineN/A25 FebStudent
1 MarLee Hysan HallArchitectureLee Hysan Hall28 FebStudent
1 MarLBOSocial SciencesN/A25 FebStudent
1 MarL1 and L6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
1 Mar3/F KBArchitectureN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarPPDH, UHSDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarPPDHDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
1 Mar8/F JCBIRScienceN/A27 FebStudent
1 Mar3/F and 6/F KBSScienceN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarLee Hysan HallArchitectureLee Hysan Hall1 MarStudent
1 MarEHSocial SciencesN/A24 FebStudent
1 MarNo building, just the outsideArchitectureGraduate House28 FebStudent
1 Mar8/F HWEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
1 MarUHSBusiness and EconomicsN/A1 MarStudent
1 MarUnion RestaurantEngineeringLap-Chee College28 FebStudent
1 MarLee Hysan HallMedicineLee Hysan Hall1 MarStudent
1 MarSuen Chi Sun HallScienceSuen Chi Sun Hall1 MarStudent
1 Mar7/F KBS, UHSScienceN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarUHSEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
1 MarL9, Lab Blk MedicineN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarStanley Ho Sports CentreCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A26 FebStaff
1 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, Sai WanDentistryN/A23 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F Blk K and 2/F Main Blk, QMHMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarG/F, Madam SH Ho Residence for Medical StudentsMedicineN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F CPDEstates OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarEstates OfficeEstates OfficeN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarKK, FSCAC RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarMorrison HallMorrison HallN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar5/F CRTArtsN/A22 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F MBCEDARSN/A28 FebStaff
1 MarTam Gardens, Pine CourtsEstates OfficeN/A26 FebStaff
1 MarLG/F and G/F CYCScienceN/A24 FebVisitor
1 Mar8/F JCBIRScienceN/A24 FebVisitor
1 Mar14/F KK (SCR)Senior Common RoomN/A25 FebVisitor
1 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F PPDHDentistryN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar4/F MW, UHSEducationN/A24 FebStaff
1 MarG/F RRRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
1 MarG/F CYCScienceN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F JCBIR, Lady Ho Tung HallSocial SciencesLady Ho Tung Hall23 FebStaff
1 MarUHSCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F LBO, 1/F RR, UHSInformation Technology ServicesN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarMBArtsN/A23 FebStaff
1 MarL8 Lab Blk, L1 Estate Building, 4/F and 6/F HKJCBIR MedicineN/A28 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F Cyberport 4Business and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar1-2/F CCT (Law Library), HKU CanteenArchitectureN/A28 FebStaff
1 Mar15/F KK (SCR)Senior Common RoomN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarG/F and LG/F, Madam S H Ho Residence for Medical StudentsMedicineN/A23 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F MWCEDARSN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F, KBArchitectureN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F MWEducationN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F CRTArtsN/A22 FebStaff
28 FebUHSDentistryN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb6/F, CJTSocial SciencesN/A21 FebStaff
28 Feb4/F MWEducationN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb8/F KBArchitectureN/A26 FebStaff
28 FebL5 Lab BlkMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb15/F - 18/F Lady Ho Tung HallLady Ho Tung HallN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F, 3/F and 4/F Lab BlockMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb4/F RRSciencePine Court27 FebStaff
28 FebPPDHDentistrySt John's College24 FebStudent
28 Feb3/F LBO, Morrison HallScienceMorrison Hall25 FebStudent
28 FebSuen Chi Sun HallEngineeringSuen Chi Sun Hall28 FebStudent
28 FebStarr HallBusiness and EconomicsStarr Hall27 FebStudent
28 FebUHSDentistryN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebCYPScienceN/A23 FebStudent
28 FebUniversity HallDentistryN/A26 FebStudent
28 Feb4/F HCScienceN/A28 FebStudent
28 FebJCBIRMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebYP, Union Restaurant EngineeringN/A25 FebStudent
28 FebPPDHDentistryN/A23 FebStudent
28 Feb5/F HWEngineeringN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsBusiness and EconomicsN/A26 FebStudent
28 FebRun Run Shaw podiumScienceLee Hysan Hall21 FebStudent
28 FebLG/F CJT Central Podium, CCBusiness and EconomicsLee Hysan Hall24 JanStudent
28 FebLBOEducationN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebUHSEngineeringN/A26 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F, PPDHDentistryN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb2/F, 3/F, 9/F and roof KBSScienceN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb10/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
28 FebGA/F, 1A/F and 2A/F FSFong Shu Chuen Amenites CentreN/A26 FebVisitor
28 Feb15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebLG/F HWElectron Microscope UnitN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebInstitute for Advanced Dentistry - Multi-specialty ClinicDentistryN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F HWEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
28 FebRBC and LYH, MBRobert Black CollegeN/A23 FebStaff
28 FebFSRegistryN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebCCTLawN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F Kennedy Town CentreFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebL8 Lab BlkMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb3/F KBSScienceN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb1/F KBFEON/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb1/F KBFEON/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb10/F KBRegistryN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F MBRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
27 FebLG/F and G/F, 5 Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebKBS, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebL6 Lab BlkMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F MBRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb6/F HWEngineeringN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebL6 Lab Blk, CPOSMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F JCBIRSocial SciencesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebG/F KK, 1/F KBStarr Hall OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
27 Feb3/F JLScienceN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebP4 GHGraduate SchoolN/A21 FebStaff
27 FebG/F LBO, UHSUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLG/F COBEngineeringN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebThe BridgeSenior Common RoomN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebG/F CYC, UHSScienceN/A24 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb3/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A22 FebStudent
27 FebCOB, Marrison HallBusiness and EconomicsMorrison Hall25 FebStudent
27 FebLee Hysan HallSocial SciencesLee Hysan Hall27 FebStudent
27 FebGeomorphology and Hydrology LaboratorySocial SciencesN/A23 FebStudent
27 FebStarr HallEngineeringStarr Hall27 FebStudent
27 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, Wei Lun HallEducationWei Lun Hall21 FebStudent
27 FebUHSArchitectureN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F, PPDHDentistryN/A23 FebStaff
26 FebG/F, 1/F and 2/F FS, FSCAC RestaurantFong Shu Chuen Amenities CentreN/A25 FebStaff
26 Feb10/F, CCT and The Coffee Academics LawN/A23 FebStaff
26 FebStanley Ho Sports CenterCenter for Sports and ExerciseN/A24 FebStaff
26 FebG/F, CYPScienceN/A22 FebStaff
26 Feb1/F JCBIRMedicineN/A23 FebStaff
26 Feb2/F Cyberport, 1/F break-out roomBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
26 Feb1/F KBHRON/A23 FebStaff
26 FebStarr HallScienceStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 Feb3/F William MW Mong Blk, Lady Ho Tung HallMedicineLady Ho Tung Hall19 FebStudent
26 FebSimon KY Lee HallLawSimon KY Lee Hall26 FebStudent
26 Feb8/F Interdisciplinary Research BuildingScienceN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F CBEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb2/F and 6/F KBArchitectureN/A24 FebStudent
26 FebProfessionial Block, QMHMedicineSt John's College24 FebStudent
26 FebStarr HallEngineeringStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebLab BlkMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
26 FebBlk K and Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A25 FebStudent
26 Feb4/F KBArchitectureN/A19 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F - 8/F CYC, Union Restaurant, UHSEngineeringN/A25 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F CRT, Union RestaurantArtsN/A19 FebStaff
26 Feb7/F, MWEducationN/A21 FebStaff
26 FebFSFong Shu Chuen Amenities CentreN/A24 FebVisitor
26 Feb1/F LBOITSN/A21 FebStaff
26 Feb2/F Town Center, CyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
26 FebRC Lee Hall, CYMAC RestaurantRC Lee HallN/A22 FebStaff
26 FebStarr HallMedicineStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebLee Shau Kee HallEngineeringLee Shau Kee Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebLee Shau Kee HallArtsLee Shau Kee Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebRC Lee Hall, Union RestaurantMedicineRC Lee Hall23 FebStudent
26 FebStarr HallScienceStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 Feb4/F KBS, St John's College, Gourmet Asia, Starbucks Coffee, Union RestaurantScienceSt John's College21 FebStudent
26 FebStarr HallMedicineStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 Feb7/F MW, Staff HallEducationStarr Hall21 FebStudent
26 FebSuen Chi Sun HallSocial SciencesSuen Chi Sun Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebSuen Chi Sun HallBusiness and EconomicsSuen Chi Sun Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebRicci HallEducationRicci Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebStarr HallMedicineStarr Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebLee Shau Kee HallArchitectureLee Shau Kee Hall26 FebStudent
26 FebLee Shau Kee hallEducationLee Shau Kee Hall26 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F CYCEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb3/F HWEngineeringN/A21 FebStudent
26 FebWilliam MW Mong BlkMedicineN/A21 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F KBSScienceN/A22 FebStudent
26 FebKBS, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A24 FebStudent
26 Feb2/F Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Park, QMH, Med Campus 2/F Learning CommonsMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
25 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
25 Feb2/F LBO, Bijas Vegetarian, 6/F KBSScienceN/A23 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F HW, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A21 FebStaff
25 Feb4/F GH, UHS, Café 330Graduate SchoolN/A21 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F COB, Refuse Room, KBSEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F, G/F and 3/F CYCScienceN/A24 FebStaff
25 Feb8/F JCBIRScienceN/A24 FebStaff
25 FebLBOLibraryN/A20 FebStaff
25 Feb3/F, 4/F and 5/F CYP, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb7/F and 9/F CJT, The BridgeSocial SciencesN/A22 FebStaff
25 Feb1/F KB, KioskHRON/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb5/F and 6/F KK, SCRBusiness and EconomicsN/A23 FebStaff
25 Feb3/F CPDEstates OfficeN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb4/F JL, Union Restaurant Safety OfficeN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb1/F KBHRON/A18 FebStaff
25 FebSuen Chi Sun HallSocial SciencesSuen Chi Sun Hall25 FebStudent
25 Feb5/F and 6/F LBOArtsN/A22 FebStudent
25 FebRC Lee Hall, UHSMedicineRC Lee Hall23 FebStudent
25 FebRC Lee Hall, UHSSocial SciencesRC Lee Hall24 FebStudent
25 Feb5/F JCBIRMedicineN/A23 FebStudent
25 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsSocial SciencesN/A20 FebStudent
25 FebLG/F, 1/F, 2/F CYC, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A24 FebStudent
25 Feb7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A18 FebStudent
24 Feb5/F HW, UHS, Sweet Bandott, BIJAS VegetarianEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb5/F and 6/F KK, CYMAC Restaurant, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb4/F PPDHDentistryN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebLG/F and 2/F KK, 10/F KB, LG1 CYPITSN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebLG1 and 1/F CYCScienceN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebAcadamic blk, SWIMSSWIMSN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebL2 and 1/F JC, Restaurant 1887MedicineN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb4/F MWEducationN/A17 FebStaff
24 FebG/F - 2/F Wei Lun Hall, G/F - 16/F RC HallWei Lun HallN/A22 FebStaff
24 Feb1/F and 10/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebG/F, 7/F, HW, RBC, Gourmet Asia, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A19 FebStudent
24 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A19 FebStudent
24 Feb6/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A21 FebVisitor
24 FebL8, Lab Blk, Alfafa CaféMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
24 Feb1/F CPD, CJT, 3/F RR, Gourmet AsiaCETLN/A21 FebStaff
24 Feb2/F LBO, 2/F LBN, 1/F RR, 2/F MW (UHS)ITSN/A23 FebStaff
24 FebUHSLawN/A23 FebStaff
24 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, Lee Shau Kee HallArtsLee Shau Kee Hall18 FebStudent
24 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, Starbucks CoffeeBusiness and EconomicsN/A18 FebStudent
24 FebCEDARSBusiness and EconomicsWei Lun Hall16 FebStudent
24 FebL6 Lab blkMedicineN/A22 FebStudent
24 Feb6/F KBArchitectureN/A19 FebStudent
24 FebMed Library, 1/F William MW Mong Blk, 3/F QMH officeMedicineN/A18 FebStudent
24 FebUHS, 3/F CBEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
24 FebLG/F MWEngineeringN/A17 FebStudent
24 FebSuen Chi Sun HallScienceSuen Chi Sun HallN/AStudent
24 FebSuen Chi Sun HallSocial SciencesSuen Chi Sun Hall23 FebStudent
24 FebSuen Chi Sun HallBusiness and EconomicsSuen Chi Sun HallN/AStudent
23 FebSwire HallArtsSwire Hall18 FebStudent
23 FebSwire HallScienceN/A20 FebStudent
23 FebN/AMedicineStarr HallN/AStudent
23 FebN/ABusiness and EconomicsStarr HallN/AStudent
23 Feb6/F KB, CYMAC RestaurantArchitectureN/A17 FebStudent
23 FebN/AEngineeringStarr HallN/AStudent
23 FebN/ABusiness and EconomicsStarr HallN/AStudent
23 Feb2/F CYP, Union RestaurantScienceNew College17 FebStudent
23 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A18 FebStudent
23 Feb6/F CRTArtsN/A20 FebStaff
23 Feb3/F MB, Union RestaurantCEDARSN/A21 FebStaff
23 Feb8/F, Lab BlkMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
23 FebLab BlkMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
23 FebL5, Lab BlkMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
23 FebL5 Lab BlkMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
23 FebL3, L4, LG1 Lab Blk, A&E, QMHMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
23 Feb6/F, William MW Mong Blk MedicineN/A18 FebStaff
23 Feb7/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A22 FebStudent
23 Feb3/F, Blk L, QMHMedicineN/A18 FebStudent
23 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A15 FebStudent
22 Feb2/F KBArchitectureN/A12 FebStudent
22 Feb6/F & 7/F KBArchitectureN/A21 FebStaff
22 Feb6/F KB, CYMAC restaurant ArchitectureN/A16 FebStudent
22 Feb6/F KBArchitectureN/A10 FebStudent
22 Feb1/F PMBMedicineN/A31 JanStaff
22 FebCYP, Union RestaurantScienceNew College17 FebStudent
22 FebLG3 CB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A16 FebStudent
22 Feb2/F & 3/F HW, 2/F CPLG EngineeringN/A18 FebStudent
22 Feb4/F CYP, LibraryScienceN/A19 FebStudent
22 FebN/ALawN/AN/AStudent
22 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsScienceN/A14 FebStudent
22 FebN/ASocial SciencesN/AN/AStudent
22 FebRicci HallBusiness and EconomicsRicci Hall21 FebStudent
22 FebL10 Lab BlkMedicineN/A10 FebStaff
22 Feb1/F PMBMedicineN/A15 FebStaff
22 FebSpecial Collections reading area, 1/F and 4/F Main LibLibraryN/A16 FebStaff
22 FebPPDHDentistryN/A18 FebStaff
22 Feb3/F and 4/F CBEngineeringN/A21 FebStaff
21 Feb8/F Lab BlkMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
21 Feb1/F CPD, Gourmet AsiaCETLN/A16 FebStaff
21 Feb11/F CJT Social SciencesN/A17 FebStaff

*Test positive cases include cases confirmed by CHP, positive results from PCR or RAT

Cleaning and disinfection have been / will be carried out in all affected areas.

All HKU members who came into close contact with the cases have been / will be advised to go for testing.

Remarks: Starting from 24 February 2022, campus-related Close Contact cases will no longer be reported in the Info Hub.