Infection Control Measures

To help reduce the spread of virus, the University has implemented stringent infection preventive measures on campus. Please see below for details.

Environmental Hygiene

Enhanced cleaning and disinfection of public areas are undertaken by the University regularly.

Facilities Enhancement

Ventilation measurements are taken in classrooms. Toilet facilities are being enhanced with upgraded exhaust fans and toilet seat sanitizers in toilets. Automatic doors are fitted at major building entrances to allow touch-free passages. Screens and partitions are installed at counters and reception areas.

Temperature Control

Temperature checks are done in strategic indoor locations on campus. Two sets of IR imaging stations had been set up in the Main Library and the Learning Commons. The University has also allocated non-contact IR thermometers to departments so that each department could implement appropriate temperature screening arrangements in their offices and facilities. Click to learn more about Body Temperature Screening on Campus.

Alcohol-based Handrub

Alcohol-based handrub is distributed weekly to each Faculty and is made available by departments for use by their staff and students. Click to learn more about Provision & Use of Alcohol Handrub on Campus. Touch-free hand sanitizers will be installed in classrooms and near escalators by the end of August.

Face Masks

Mask wearing on campus is strongly encouraged. In particular, all persons should wear a mask in classrooms, shared/common study spaces, meeting rooms, and any other venues where appropriate physical distancing cannot be maintained. It is recognized that mask wearing is not possible when eating or drinking and that in outdoor spaces, discretion may be used.

Events & Crowd Management

Guidelines on events have been disseminated and are constantly reviewed against government’s rules on group gathering.

Learn more at our page of Quarantine Arrangements.