Provision & Use of Alcohol Handrub on Campus

Provision & Use of Alcohol Handrub on Campus

In the current COVID-19 epidemic, hand hygiene is of utmost importance in reducing the risk of infection to individuals. Washing hands thoroughly with liquid soap can effectively prevent contracting and spreading communicable diseases. An alternative to hand washing is the use of alcohol-based handrub (sanitizer) to disinfect the hands if there is no easy access to hand washing facilities. When hands are not visibly soiled, 70-80% alcohol-based handrub is very effective for disinfection.

Faculties/Departments/Centres/Units (FDCU) responsible for the management of the following facilities on campus should provide alcohol handrub at convenient spots and encourage people entering/using the facilities to use it for good hand hygiene.

  • Receptions and counters that are open to members of the University Community and/or the public
  • Entrances to Residential Colleges and Halls
  • Libraries and Learning Commons
  • Entrances of classrooms (when and where classes resume)
  • Sports facilities
  • Venues of activities or events where there is no easy access to hand washing facilities
  • Catering outlets (to be arranged by the caterers)

The responsible FDCU should provide a suitable type of handrub at the facilities for use. Many such products with proper technical information and labels are available on the market. If the responsible FDCU is not able to acquire suitable proprietary products, a homemade handrub based on the WHO formulation is available from the Safety Office. Arrangements for making requests and pick-up will continue to be made by the Safety Office as in the past few weeks.

Task Force on Infectious Diseases

17 March 2020