Planning Process


The University is mindful of the ongoing COVID-19 situation and has been implementing appropriate infection control measures, including guidance and means to decrease the risk of infection on campus.

The HKU Task Force on Infectious Diseases (TFID) was established to develop and implement strategies to prevent and contain the spread of infectious diseases on the University campus, and to provide the University community with accurate and timely information on significant infectious diseases of concern. Taking into consideration all aspects of campus life, TFID members collaborate with internal and external parties to achieve effective prevention and control of infectious diseases on campus.

Strategies of Infection Control

The infection control measures are targeted at three strategic fronts:

  • In terms of hardware, the physical environment and facilities are substantially improved and enhanced to render the campus more hygienic and safer.
  • In terms of software, various rules and guidelines on infection control have been drawn up and disseminated to the university community with a view to mitigating infection risks through administrative ways.
  • As a long-term means to bring about a good public health culture on campus, the TFID has been encouraging and reinforcing behaviors of staff and students that are conducive to risk mitigation. Better hand hygiene, honest reporting of symptoms and holding activities online, etc. are all encouraged.

Risk Assessment

To prepare the campus for resuming full or partial face-to-face teaching in the new academic year, a Working Group on Campus Infection Control (WGCIC) was specifically formed under the TFID in June to co-ordinate the task.

Most the infection control measures the WGCIC decided to implement on campus will remain useful at all risk levels. The University will however adjust the number of people to bring to campus through different teaching modes and work arrangements in response to the changing risk levels.

In principle, we remain committed to a dual mode of teaching for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses in semester 1. 

Learn more about class arrangements in Teaching & Learning.  

The University is performing the following facilities enhancement and enhancing environmental hygiene to ensure the health and safety of the campus amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Find out more about our Infection Control Measures.  

For students and staff arriving from outside Hong Kong, please check out the Quarantine Arrangements.

If you or someone close to you are infected of COVID-19, please follow the Reporting Protocols.