Protocols on Case Reporting

Guidelines on Infection Control Measures

What is the protocol for a student who is a confirmed/preliminarily confirmed case or “close contact”/had contact with a confirmed case?

Do all these:

  • Notify your faculty/department/programme office, and teacher/supervisor especially if you have upcoming exams, assignment deadlines, practicum, etc.
  • Complete a Self-Reporting Questionnaire (portal login required) to notify the designated personnel taking care of student matters. The questionnaire can also be opened by scanning this QR Code:   QR Code for Self Reporting Questionnaire
  • Write to if you have further questions regarding student matters.

What is the protocol if there is a confirmed case on campus?

The infected staff or student must inform their Faculty Dean or Department (or Office) Head immediately upon confirmation. The Dean/Head will then immediately notify the Chairman of the TFID, who will inform and collaborate with the Hong Kong Centre for Health Protection (CHP). CHP has the expertise and experience to advise on proportionate infection control measures in the event of a disease outbreak in a range of different types of locations. The University will seek and abide by advice from them as the local centre of excellence if the need arises.

What is the protocol if there is a confirmed case in a residential hall/college?

The infected student or anyone who becomes aware of a confirmed case must inform his/her Master/Warden immediately. The Master/Warden will immediately notify the Dean of Student Affairs who will then notify the Chairman of the TFID. The Task Force will mobilize the necessary resources to respond to the case.