Table testing

Date of reportPlaces visited on campusFaculty / UnitHall / CollegeDate of last visit to campusStudent / Staff / Visitor
27 Sep1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A22 SepStaff
27 Sep1/F and 10/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A26 SepStaff
27 Sep1/F HRIMedicineN/A26 SepStaff
27 Sep4/F and 6/F MWEducationN/A21 SepStaff
26 SepLG3/F KKEstates OfficeN/A23 SepStaff
26 Sep1/F, 2/F, 3/F, 4/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A19 SepStaff
26 Sep2/F and 3/F MWUniversity Health ServiceN/A23 SepStaff
26 SepMBCentre of Development and Resources for StudentsN/A23 SepStaff
26 Sep3/F MBCentre of Development and Resources for StudentsN/A21 SepStaff
26 SepMBMedicineN/A23 SepStudent
26 SepNCMedicineN/A22 SepStaff
26 SepLG1/F NC; HKU B-ActiveMedicineN/A24 SepStudent
26 SepLi Ka Shing Faculty of MedicineMedicineN/A23 SepStudent
26 Sep2/F FML; LG/F and G/F Faculty of Medicine BuildingMedicineN/A21 SepStaff
26 SepCentennial CampusArtsN/A23 SepStudent
26 Sep3/F, HKU Town Centre, Admiralty Business and EconomicsN/A23 SepStudent
26 SepHRISocial SciencesN/A22 SepStudent
25 Sep10/F KBPresident's OfficeN/A22 SepStaff
25 SepCentennial CampusLawN/A23 SepStaff
25 SepLBNEducationN/A24 SepStudent
24 Sep9/F CRTArtsN/A22 SepStaff
24 Sep3/F CYAMedicineN/A22 SepStudent
24 SepLG1/F MWEngineeringN/A21 SepStudent
24 Sep2/F CPDEngineeringN/A20 SepStudent
23 SepKTCEstates OfficeN/A22 SepStaff
23 SepGrand HallMedicineN/A18 SepStudent
23 Sep2/F CPDSocial SciencesN/A22 SepStudent
23 SepG/F MWEngineeringN/A17 SepStudent
23 SepLG1/F MWEngineeringN/A21 SepStudent
22 Sep6/F CBEngineeringN/A20 SepStaff
22 SepCyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A15 SepStudent
22 SepKKBusiness and EconomicsN/A20 SepStudent
22 Sep8/F KBArchitectureN/A21 SepStudent
22 Sep2/F JLScienceN/A21 SepStudent
22 Sep4/F and 6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A19 SepStaff
22 SepLG/F CPDSocial SciencesN/A19 SepStudent
22 Sep1/F CPDScienceN/A22 SepStudent
22 SepG/F MW; LG/F CPD; Chi Wah Learning CommonsMedicineN/A21 SepStudent
22 Sep1/F Academic Building; G/F MW; 1/F KKMedicineN/A21 SepStudent
22 SepAcademic BuildingMedicineN/A19 SepStudent
22 SepFMLMedicineN/A16 SepStudent
22 SepHRIMedicineN/A19 SepStaff
21 Sep11/F CJT, Kiosk by The Sandwich ClubSocial SciencesN/A19 SepStaff
21 SepBlk T, QMHMedicineSHH17 SepStudent
21 Sep3/F Academic Building; Chi Wah Learning CommonsMedicineN/A16 SepStudent
21 SepChi Wah Learning Commons; LBN; 11/F CRT; 2/F & 3/F CPD; 4/F MW; CYMAC RestaurantEducationN/A20 SepStudent
21 SepKK, MW, CYCEstates OfficeN/A20 SepStaff
21 SepGHGraduate House N/A20 SepStaff
21 Sep2/F MBTechnology-Enriched Learning InitiativeN/A19 SepStaff
21 SepUnion RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A14 SepStaff
21 Sep2/F C4A; C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A19 SepStaff
20 SepC4BBusiness & EconomicsN/A14 SepStudent
20 SepLG2/F LEArchitectureN/A17 SepStudent
20 Sep7/F & 8/F KBArchitectureN/A20 SepStudent
20 SepKBArchitectureN/A19 SepStudent
20 SepG/F FMAMedicineN/A15 SepStudent
20 Sep7/F FMLMedicineN/A19 SepStaff
20 SepPPDentistryN/A20 SepStudent
20 SepPPDentistryN/A15 SepStaff
20 SepLBNUniversity LibrariesN/A19 SepStaff
20 Sep4/F RRScienceRNC15 SepStudent
20 SepLG1/F KK; LG/F Centennial Campus; Union Restaurant; RNCArtsRNC20 SepStudent
20 Sep2/F MB; LG/F & 1/F CPDArtsN/A19 SepStudent
20 Sep5/F CJT; 3/F CPD; Starbucks CoffeeSocial SciencesN/A18 SepStaff
20 Sep6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A19 SepStaff
20 Sep2/F HRISocial SciencesN/A15 SepStudent
20 SepMWEducationN/A19 SepStudent
20 Sep3/F MWCentre of Development and Resources for StudentsN/A14 SepStaff
19 SepEH; MW; CYCEstates OfficeN/A16 SepStaff
19 Sep5/F & 6/F PP; LG1/F FMAUniversity LibrariesN/A16 SepStaff
19 SepUnion RestaurantBusiness & EconomicsN/A14 SepStaff
19 SepPMMedicineN/A16 SepStaff
19 SepHRIMedicineN/A15 SepStudent
19 SepG/F HRIMedicineN/A16 SepStaff
19 SepMBMedicineRCC15 SepStudent
19 Sep2/F MBScienceN/A13 SepStudent
19 SepKAScienceN/A14 SepStaff
19 Sep1/F CYA; CYMAC RestaurantScienceN/A17 SepStudent
19 SepCPDScienceN/A15 SepStudent
19 Sep3/F CPDSocial SciencesN/A16 SepStudent
19 SepLHT; LBN; FSSocial SciencesLHT19 SepStudent
19 Sep3/F RMEducationN/A13 SepStudent
18 SepLG1/F LEEngineeringN/A17 SepStudent
18 SepLBNEducationN/A14 SepStudent
18 SepCampusEducationN/A17 SepStudent
18 SepFMLMedicineChing Lin Terrace Residence18 SepStudent
17 Sep5/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A15 SepStudent
17 SepLG1/F KK; LBNArtsN/A13 SepStudent
17 SepCYP; RM; RSCArtsRSC17 SepStudent
17 SepLG1/F CYP; 3/F LBN; 2/F KBScienceN/A13 SepStudent
16 Sep14/F HWCUniversity LibrariesN/A13 SepStaff
16 SepG/F FSRegistryN/A13 SepStaff
16 Sep3/F CBEngineeringN/A13 SepStaff
16 SepGH; Grand HallEngineeringN/A15 SepStudent
16 Sep4/F CRTArtsN/A9 SepStaff
16 Sep11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A13 SepStaff
16 SepTung Wah HospitalMedicineN/A16 SepStudent
16 SepG/F FMLMedicinePatrick Manson Student Residence9 SepStudent
16 SepLG1/F & 1/F FMAMedicineN/A14 SepStudent
16 SepBlk T, QMHMedicineN/A14 SepStaff
16 Sep6/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 SepStudent
16 Sep6/F KBArchitectureN/A14 SepStudent
16 SepCPDEducationN/A16 SepStudent
16 Sep2/F CPD; G/F MW; FSCAC Restaurant; Chi Wah Learning CommonsScienceN/A15 SepStudent
15 SepEBEstates OfficeN/A8 SepStaff
15 Sep5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A8 SepStaff
15 SepGleneagles HospitalMedicineN/A14 SepStaff
15 SepSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A14 SepStaff
15 SepKKArtsN/A14 SepStudent
15 SepKBArchitectureLHT14 SepStudent
15 Sep7/F and 9/F KBArchitectureN/A14 SepStudent
15 SepCPD, HKU B-ActiveArchitectureN/A9 SepStudent
15 SepLG/F CPD, LG1/F CYPScienceN/A13 SepStudent
15 SepLG1/F LE, Coffee AcademicsScienceN/A8 SepStudent
15 SepKTCEducationN/A13 SepStudent
15 SepRun Run Shaw podiumEducationN/A13 SepStudent
15 SepRM, MWEducationN/A14 SepStudent
15 SepLBN, MBEducationN/A13 SepStudent
15 SepLHTEducationLHT15 SepStudent
15 SepAdmiralty Town CenterBusiness & EconomicsN/A13 SepStudent
15 SepAdmiralty Town CenterBusiness & EconomicsN/A8 SepStudent
15 SepRCCEngineeringRCC15 SepStudent
15 Sep3/F CB, CYCEngineeringN/A9 SepStaff
15 SepCYMAC RestaurantEngineeringN/A14 SepStudent
15 Sep2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A14 SepStudent
14 SepCYP; Swire BuildingSafety OfficeN/A9 SepStaff
14 SepLG1/F CYPScienceN/A10 SepStudent
14 SepKK; Grand HallScienceN/A8 SepStudent
14 SepSTHScienceSTH12 SepStudent
14 SepFMLScienceN/A9 SepStudent
14 Sep8/F FMLMedicineN/A10 SepStaff
14 SepQMHMedicineN/A13 SepStudent
14 SepLG1/F NCMedicineN/A10 SepStudent
14 Sep1/F PCMedicineN/A9 SepStudent
14 SepLG/F FAWMedicineN/A9 SepStaff
14 Sep1/F Grantham HospitalMedicineN/A13 SepStudent
14 SepUHSEngineeringN/A13 SepStudent
14 Sep8/F HWEngineeringN/A9 SepStaff
14 SepGH; KB; Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A13 SepStudent
14 Sep9/F KBRegistryN/A7 SepStaff
14 Sep8/F KBArchitectureGH14 SepStudent
14 SepSLH; Sweet BandottArchitectureSLH10 SepStudent
14 Sep2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A13 SepStaff
14 Sep3/F MWCEDARSN/A13 SepStaff
14 Sep3/F MWCEDARSN/A13 SepStaff
14 SepCCTEducationN/A9 SepStudent
14 Sep5/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A14 SepStudent
14 Sep6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A14 SepStaff
14 SepSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A13 SepStaff
13 Sep8/F KBArchitectureTam Towers9 SepStaff
13 SepLG2/F LE, LBNEngineeringN/A10 SepStudent
13 Sep3/F CPDEngineeringN/A8 SepStudent
13 Sep1/F CPDLawN/A9 SepStudent
13 Sep3/F CPD; Starbucks CoffeeSocial SciencesN/A8 SepStudent
13 Sep7/F and 8/F MWSocial SciencesN/A12 SepStudent
13 Sep1/F MW; Chi Wah Learning Commons, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A10 SepStudent
13 Sep5/F, Block C, Centenary Memorial Building, Sheung Wan Tung Wah Hospital MedicineN/A9 SepStaff
13 Sep5/F Professorial Blk; 1/F Blk K, QMH; G/F Main Blk, QMHMedicineN/A10 SepStaff
13 Sep1/F HRIMedicineN/A9 SepStudent
13 SepSassoon Road CampusMedicineN/A7 SepStaff
13 SepCRTArtsN/A7 SepStudent
13 SepC4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A8 SepStudent
13 SepCyberport; Main CampusBusiness and EconomicsN/A9 SepStudent
13 SepCyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A9 SepStudent
13 SepCyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A9 SepStudent
13 SepSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A10 SepStaff
13 SepSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A12 SepStaff
13 Sep4/F KASciencePine Court9 SepStaff
13 SepSLHSimon K.Y. Lee HallN/A11 SepStaff
12 Sep2/F CPDSocial SciencesN/A10 SepStudent
12 Sep1/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A9 SepStudent
12 Sep1/F FML
MedicineN/A9 SepStaff
12 SepFML, RCCMedicineRCC12 SepStudent
12 SepFML; FMA; KBMedicineN/A9 SepStudent
12 Sep6/F HRIMedicineN/A7 SepStaff
12 Sep1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A7 SepStaff
11 SepLHT, IHScienceLHT11 SepStudent
11 SepSLHScienceSLH10 SepStudent
11 SepChi Wah Learning Commons; Union RestaurantArchitectureN/A4 SepStudent
11 Sep3/F, 4/F and 6/F KBArchitectureN/A9 SepStaff
10 SepPC, Academic BuildingMedicineN/A5 SepStaff
10 SepLG/F CPD, 5/F CRT, Oliver's Super SandwichesMedicineN/A8 SepStudent
10 SepLG1/F LE, LG/F CPDScienceN/A9 SepStudent
10 SepLG1/F LE, STHBusiness & EconomicsSTH10 SepStudent
10 Sep2/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A5 SepStaff
10 Sep3/F and 4/F KBArchitectureN/A8 SepStaff
10 SepWG, Innovation WingEngineeringN/A9 SepStudent
9 SepLEEngineeringN/A2 SepStudent
9 Sep1/F KTCEducationN/A6 SepStudent
9 SepLBN, CYALawN/A7 SepStudent
9 Sep4/F TTEducationN/A3 SepStudent
9 Sep2/F KKArtsN/A7 SepStudent
9 SepCRTArtsN/A7 SepStudent
9 SepKBArchitectureRSC6 SepStudent
9 Sep8/F KBArchitectureN/A8 SepStaff
9 SepG/F CB, Union RestaurantMedicineN/A8 SepStudent
9 Sepalfafa cafeMedicineLHT8 SepStudent
9 SepBlk T, QMHMedicineN/A6 SepStaff
9 Sep6/F FMAMedicineN/A8 SepStaff
9 Sep3/F FMLMedicineN/A8 SepStaff
8 SepUniversity StreetArchitectureN/A7 SepStudent
8 SepCanteenArchitectureN/A7 SepStudent
8 Sep2/F KK, LG1/F LEEducationN/A8 SepStudent
8 Sep2/F MWEducationN/A3 SepStaff
8 SepG/F MWSocial SciencesN/A3 SepStudent
8 Sep1/F MWBusiness and EconomicsN/A7 SepStudent
8 SepSLHBusiness and EconomicsSLH8 SepStudent
8 SepLG/F CPDBusiness and EconomicsN/A7 SepStudent
8 SepLG/F CPDBusiness and EconomicsN/A6 SepStudent
8 SepG/F CPDSocial SciencesN/A4 SepStudent
8 Sep6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A2 SepStaff
8 SepRSC, RBC, CYCScienceRSC8 SepStudent
8 SepKAScienceN/A7 SepStudent
8 Sep7/F HRIMedicineN/A3 SepStudent
8 Sep7/F Blk T, QMH; Centre for Comparative Medicine ResearchMedicineN/A3 SepStudent
8 Sep7/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A2 SepStaff
8 SepWGMedicineN/A6 SepStudent
7 SepUHS, 2/F MWUniversity Health ServiceN/A6 SepStaff
7 Sep2/F KBArchitectureN/A5 SepStudent
7 Sep1/F CYASocial SciencesN/A5 SepStudent
7 SepG/F CPD, 5/F and 7/F CCTLawN/A6 SepStaff
7 SepUnion Restaurant, 5/F CYCC, LG1/F LE, LG/F CPD, Innovation WingEngineeringN/A5 SepStudent
7 SepCBEngineeringN/A2 SepStudent
7 SepLG1/F CBEngineeringN/A1 SepStudent
7 Sep3/F and 5/F CB, 2/F MBEngineeringN/A6 SepStaff
7 SepGHEngineeringGH7 SepStudent
7 SepKAScienceMOH7 SepStudent
7 Sep6/F FMLMedicineN/A6 SepStudent
7 Sep2/F PM, Bay View RestaurantMedicineN/A6 SepStaff
7 Sep1/F and 3/F KTCEducationN/A6 SepStaff
7 Sep2/F and 3/F JL, BIJAS VegetarianScienceN/A2 SepStaff
7 Sep4/F HCScienceN/A7 SepStaff
7 SepC4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A7 SepStaff
7 Sep2/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A6 SepStaff
7 Sep2/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A6 SepStaff
6 SepFHFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A3 SepStaff
6 Sep3/F MWCEDARSN/A2 SepStaff
6 Sep2/F and 9/F KB; Active, 3/F CJTRegistryN/A5 SepStaff
6 Sep1/F and 5/F KBArchitectureN/A5 SepStudent
6 Sep4/F LBOInformation Technology Services N/A2 SepStaff
6 SepLG1/F KK, LG1/F LE, G/F LBNBusiness and EconomicsWH2 SepStudent
6 SepCyberport, Main CampusBusiness and EconomicsN/A3 SepStudent
6 SepCYMBusiness and EconomicsN/A31 AugStudent
6 SepCYM BuildingScienceWH5 SepStudent
6 SepLG1/F CYCScienceHornell Hall5 SepStudent
6 SepPPDentistryN/A5 SepStudent
6 Sep2/F CPDEducationN/A2 SepStudent
6 Sep8/F HW, Union Restaurant, Starbucks Coffee, 1/F & 2/F CCTEngineeringN/A2 SepStudent
6 SepAcademic BuildingMedicineWH2 SepStudent
6 SepMedical campus lecture roomsMedicineN/A5 SepStudent
5 SepRSC, 7/F KB, Union RestaurantArchitectureRSC5 SepStudent
5 Sep8/F KBArchitectureSTH1 SepStudent
5 SepEHArtsN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepKTCBusiness and EconomicsN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepPPDentistrySJC1 SepStudent
5 SepPPDentistryN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepPPDentistryN/A2 SepStaff
5 SepWGEngineeringN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepLG1/F LEEngineeringN/A3 SepStudent
5 SepLG1/F & LG2/F LEScienceSTH5 SepStudent
5 SepLG1/F CYP, LG2/F LEScienceN/A2 SepStudent
5 Sep1/F CYAScienceN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepLG/F CPDScienceN/A2 SepStudent
5 SepRR; UHS, 2/F MWScienceN/A2 SepStaff
5 SepKTCEstates OfficeN/A2 SepStaff
5 Sep7/F QMHMedicineN/A1 SepStudent
5 SepSHH; 7/F, QMHMedicineSHH2 SepStudent
5 SepG/F Blk A, QMH; 4/F FMLMedicineN/A1 SepStaff
5 Sep6/F FMLMedicineN/A31 AugStaff
5 SepRCLMedicineRCL29 AugStudent
5 SepLHYMedicineLHY29 AugStudent
5 Sep5/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A1 SepStudent
5 SepG/F FMAMedicineN/A3 SepStudent
5 Sep2/F NCMedicineN/A2 SepStaff
5 Sep1/F & 5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A2 SepStaff
5 Sep5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A1 SepStaff
5 Sep1/F PMMedicineN/A2 SepStaff
5 SepGH, Chi Wan Learning CommonMedicineN/A31 AugStudent
5 SepWHMedicineWH4 SepStudent
5 Sep7/F HRIMedicineN/A3 SepStudent
5 Sep2/F HRISocial SciencesN/A2 SepStaff
5 Sep6/ F CJTSocial SciencesN/A1 SepStaff
4 Sep1/F MB, 4/F TT, Union RestaurantBusiness & EconomicsWH2 SepStudent
4 Sep1/F CYA, CVCEducationN/A1 SepStudent
4 SepLG/F CPDEducationN/A2 SepStudent
4 Sep4/F KB, CPD, LBN, WGArchitectureN/A1 SepStudent
4 SepKBArchitectureN/A2 SepStudent
4 Sep2/F EHSocial SciencesLHT2 SepStudent
4 SepLG/F FMA; G/F FMLMedicineN/A2 SepStudent
4 SepWH; LG/F and G/F FMAMedicine2 SepStudent
4 SepWH; Academic Building, 3 Sassoon RoadMedicineWH2 SepStudent
4 SepWH, 3 Sassoon RoadMedicineWH4 SepStudent
4 Sep4/F, Academic Building, 3 Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A30 AugStudent
4 Sep7/F, Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A2 SepStudent
4 Sep12/F KTCInternal Audit OfficeN/A31 AugStaff
4 Sep2-4/F RRScienceN/A2 SepStaff
4 SepGHGraduate SchoolN/A2 SepStaff
4 SepSHCentre For Sports and ExerciseN/A1 SepStaff
4 SepUHS, 2/F MWFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A2 SepStaff
4 Sep9/F KB, Union RestaurantRegistryN/A2 SepStaff
4 Sep7/F CRTArtsN/A1 SepStaff
3 SepKBArchitectureN/A1 SepStudent
3 Sep5/F KBArchitectureStudent Residence at Mui Fong Street3 SepStudent
3 SepSTHScienceSTH3 SepStudent
3 SepLG/F CPD, STHLawSTH3 SepStudent
3 SepCYA; LBNBusiness & EconomicsN/A30 AugStudent
3 SepAdmiralty Town CenterBusiness & EconomicsN/A1 SepStudent
3 SepUnion Restaurant; 10/F CRT; RLCArtsRLC3 SepStudent
3 SepPPDentistryN/A1 SepStudent
3 Sep9/F CJT; Gourmet AsiaSocial SciencesN/A30 AugStaff
3 SepLG1 FMA; 4/F and 5/F Professorial Blk; 17/F and 18/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A31 AugStaff
3 SepMB; HKU B-ActiveTechnology-Enriched Learning InitiativeN/A2 SepStaff
3 SepUB/F PMMedicineN/A29 AugStaff
3 Sep11/F LHYMedicineLHY30 AugStudent
3 Sep8/F KAScienceN/A2 SepStaff
2 SepHKU B-ActiveCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A1 SepStaff
2 Sep1/F and 8/F HWEngineeringN/A30 AugStaff
2 Sep2/F, Novum WestDentistryN/A1 SepStaff
2 Sep2/F C4ABusiness and EconomicsN/A1 SepStaff
2 Sep3/F Admiralty Town CenterBusiness and EconomicsN/A1 SepStudent
2 SepLG2/F EBMedicineN/A26 AugStaff
2 SepG/F and LG/F FAWMedicineN/A1 SepStaff
2 SepLG1/F FAWMedicineN/A26 AugStaff
2 Sep5/F Blk K, QMH MedicineN/A1 SepStaff
2 Sep1/F FMLMedicineN/A30 AugStaff
2 SepG/F FMAMedicineN/A1 SepStudent
2 Sep1/F KK; 4/F LBNScienceN/A1 SepStudent
2 Sep4/F KBArchitectureN/A1 SepStudent
1 SepSTHSocial SciencesSTH31 AugStudent
1 SepSTHBusiness and EconomicsSTH1 SepStudent
1 SepSTH, FHScienceSTH1 SepStudent
1 SepSTH, CYCC; Chi Wah Learning CommonsArchitectureSTH1 SepStudent
1 Sep1/F CYABusiness and EconomicsN/A30 AugStudent
1 Sep2/F CYACEDARSN/A31 AugStaff
1 SepRLCEducationRLC28 AugStudent
1 Sep6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A30 AugStudent
1 SepSCSArtsN/A29 AugStudent
1 SepLBN; CyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A30 AugStudent
1 Sep2/F CPDArtsN/A27 AugStudent
1 Sep3/F MBArchitectureN/A31 AugStudent
1 SepLHYMedicineLHY1 SepStudent
1 Sep3/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A31 AugStudent
1 Sep6/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A29 AugStaff
1 SepL7 FMLMedicineN/A29 AugStudent
1 SepLG1/F, 1/F and 4/F FML; SubwayMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
1 Sep1/F, 2/F and 4/F FML; LAMedicineN/A31 AugStudent
1 SepUHSLibrariesN/A30 AugStaff
1 Sep1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A26 AugStaff
1 SepG/F RR, G/F HCEngineeringN/A31 AugStaff
31 Aug6/F HRIMedicineN/A29 AugStaff
31 Aug7/F FMLMedicineN/A29 AugStaff
31 Aug9/F FMLMedicineN/A29 AugStaff
31 Aug2/F LAMedicineN/A30 AugStaff
31 Aug8/F Blk K, QMHMedicineN/A30 AugStudent
31 AugGHGraduate SchoolN/A26 AugStaff
31 AugGH, KKGraduate SchoolN/A26 AugStaff
31 Aug1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A30 AugStaff
31 Aug2/F MB; SCR; 9/F KBRegistryN/A30 AugStaff
31 Aug14/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A30 AugStaff
31 Aug1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A30 AugStaff
31 Aug12/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A30 AugStaff
30 AugGrand Hall; 3/F CRTMedicineN/A23 AugStudent
30 Aug5/F 3 Sassoon Road; Oliver's Super Sandwiches; 5/F CJTMedicineN/A26 AugStaff
30 Aug3/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
30 AugLG1/F FAWMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
30 AugPatrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicinePatrick Manson Student Residence27 AugStudent
30 AugSWHMedicineSWH30 AugStudent
30 AugLHYMedicineLHY29 AugStudent
30 AugDuchess of Kent Children's HospitalMedicineN/A26 AugStudent
30 AugUHSMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
30 AugLHYLawLHY25 AugStudent
30 Aug1/F MBCommon Core OfficeN/A25 AugStaff
30 Aug2/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 AugStaff
30 AugSWHBusiness and EconomicsSWH28 AugStudent
30 AugCPDBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 AugStudent
30 AugGrand HallBusiness and EconomicsN/A24 AugStudent
30 AugHKU Town Centre, AdmiraltyBusiness and EconomicsN/A26 AugStudent
30 AugMWEducationN/A29 AugStaff
30 AugRLC, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantEngineeringRLC30 AugStudent
30 Aug6/F CRTArtsN/A26 AugStaff
30 AugKK, SWHArtsSWH30 AugStudent
30 AugSLH, COB, KBScienceSLH26 AugStudent
30 AugLHYSocial SciencesLHY28 AugStudent
30 AugSTHSocial SciencesSTH30 AugStudent
30 AugLG/F CPDCultural Management OfficeN/A26 AugStaff
30 AugLHTLady Ho Tung HallN/A26 AugStaff
29 Aug7/F HWEngineeringN/A27 AugStaff
29 Aug1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A23 AugStaff
29 Aug7/F CCT; SCR; The Coffee AcademicsLawN/A26 AugStaff
29 Aug2/F LAMedicineN/A27 AugStaff
29 Aug1/F NCMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
29 Aug7/F FMLMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
29 Aug1/F, 3/F, 6/F and rooftop FMLMedicineN/A23 AugStudent
29 Aug10/F FMLMedicineN/A28 AugStaff
29 Aug1/F FML; HRIMedicineN/A23 AugStaff
29 Aug4/F HRIMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
29 AugProfessorial BlkMedicineN/A24 AugStaff
29 Aug21/F Blk T, QMH MedicineN/A27 AugStudent
29 AugLG1/F FAWMedicineN/A23 AugStaff
29 Aug4/F LBN; 6/F MWEducationN/A27 AugStaff
28 Aug5/F FMA; LG/F, G/F and 1/F, FAWMedicineN/A26 AugStaff
28 AugRSC, 7/F FMLMedicineRSC28 AugStudent
28 AugCyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A26 AugStudent
28 AugSTHBusiness and EconomicsSTH28 AugStudent
28 AugRNC, CYMAC RestaurantEngineeringRNC28 AugStudent
28 AugHW, Gourmet AsiaEngineeringN/A26 AugStudent
28 Aug3/F PPDentistryN/A26 AugStaff
28 Aug11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A27 AugStaff
28 AugKAScienceN/A24 AugStaff
28 AugUHS, 2/F MWLibrariesN/A22 AugStaff
28 Aug2/F KKITSN/A26 AugStaff
27 Aug11/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A24 AugStaff
27 AugThe Coffee Academics, KBBusiness and EconomicsN/A24 AugStaff
27 AugSWHBusiness and EconomicsSWH27 AugStudent
27 AugHKU Town Centre, AdmiraltyBusiness and EconomicsN/A26 AugStudent
27 AugLSK, 3/F CPDBusiness and EconomicsLSK27 AugStudent
27 Aug2/F FMLMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
27 AugUHS, 2/F MWUHSN/A23 AugStaff
27 Aug2/F HWEngineeringN/A23 AugStaff
26 AugLG1/F CYP, 5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
26 Aug5/F KBArchitectureN/A24 AugStaff
26 AugSTHBusiness and EconomicsSTH26 AugStudent
26 AugSTHBusiness and EconomicsSTH26 AugStudent
26 AugSTH, MBDentistry STH26 AugStudent
26 AugSLHEngineeringSLH26 AugStudent
26 Aug1/F Cancer Centre, QMHMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
26 AugLG/F FAWMedicineN/A25 AugStaff
26 AugG/F New Wing D, Main Blk, QMH; LG3/F HRIMedicineN/A24 AugStaff
26 AugRIH, 1/F MBScienceRIH26 AugStudent
26 Aug3/F KAScienceN/A23 AugStaff
26 Aug3/F KAScienceN/A22 AugStaff
26 AugSCS, BIJAS VegetarianSocial SciencesSCS26 AugStudent
26 Aug9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A25 AugStaff
26 AugUHS, 2/F MW; 9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A24 AugStaff
25 AugRCC, Chi Wah Learning CommonsScienceRCC25 AugStudent
25 AugPPDentistryN/A19 AugStudent
25 AugCentre for Sports and Exercise Fitness CentreDentistryN/A19 AugStaff
25 AugSTHArtsSTH25 AugStudent
25 Aug5/F KB, 1/F MB, LG1/F CYPArchitecture N/A19 AugStudent
25 AugGrand HallMedicineN/A23 AugStudent
25 AugUHS, 2/F MW; 4/F Academic Building, Blk J, QMHMedicineN/A24 AugStudent
25 AugPatrick Manson Student Residence Medicine Patrick Manson Student Residence 24 AugStudent
25 Aug19/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
25 Aug4/F Blk K, 8/F Blk S, QMHMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
25 Aug8/F FMLMedicineN/A24 AugStaff
25 AugHKU B-ActiveCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A25 AugStaff
25 AugJLSafety OfficeN/A24 AugStaff
24 AugG/F CYPScienceN/A23 AugStaff
24 AugMB; Centennial CampusScienceN/A21 AugStudent
24 AugMHRobert Black CollegeN/A23 AugStaff
24 Aug20/F and 21/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A23 AugStaff
24 AugUG/F QMH, Academic BuildingMedicineN/A23 AugStudent
24 Aug4/F SHH, D4 QMHMedicineSHH23 AugStudent
24 AugAssembly Hall, Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A17 AugStudent
24 AugAssembly Hall, Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A17 AugStudent
24 AugMOHMedicineN/A20 AugStudent
24 AugRCLMedicineN/A16 AugStudent
24 AugG/F WH; Lecture Hall, Academic Building; LYHMedicineN/A17 AugStudent
24 Aug1/F FMLMedicineN/A21 AugStaff
24 Aug5/F FMAMedicineN/A23 AugStaff
24 AugG/F HRIMedicineN/A23 AugStudent
24 Aug3/F Patrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicinePatrick Manson Student Residence22 AugStudent
24 Aug3/F HW, Innovation WingEngineeringN/A17 AugStaff
24 Aug3/F CB, 3/F CBDEngineeringN/A23 AugStaff
24 Aug4/F and 6/F MWEducationN/A18 AugStaff
23 Aug1/F MBArchitectureN/A16 AugStudent
23 AugLG1/F CYP, 5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
23 Aug5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
23 AugLG1/F CYP, 5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
23 AugLG1/F CYP, 5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
23 AugLG1/F CYP, 5/F KBArchitectureN/A19 AugStudent
23 AugKBArchitectureN/A20 AugStudent
23 Aug6/F CRT, HKU B-ActiveArtsN/A22 AugStaff
23 Aug10/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A18 AugStaff
23 AugPPDentistryN/A22 AugStudent
23 AugPPDentistryN/A18 AugStudent
23 Aug3/F and 4/F Academic BuildingMedicineRCL19 AugStudent
23 AugRCLMedicineN/A16 AugStudent
23 AugLHTMedicineLHT23 AugStudent
23 Aug6/F FMLMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
23 AugG/F FAWMedicineN/A22 AugStaff
23 Aug5/F CJT, The BridgeSocial SciencesLHY23 AugStaff
23 Aug11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A18 AugStaff
23 Aug3/F HRISocial SciencesN/A23 AugStaff
23 Aug1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A19 AugStaff
23 AugG/F and 12/F KTCManagement Information UnitN/A22 AugStaff
22 Aug7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A18 AugStudent
22 AugCYCScienceN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugLBOLibrariesN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugPPDentistryN/A17 AugStudent
22 AugPPDentistryN/A17 AugStaff
22 AugMHHK Institute for the Humanities and Social ScienceN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugMHHK Institute for the Humanities and Social ScienceN/A18 AugStaff
22 Aug10/F CCTLawN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugSHHMedicineSHH17 AugStudent
22 Aug1/F Patrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicinePatrick Manson Student Residence22 AugStudent
22 AugLG1/F, FAWMedicineN/A18 AugStaff
22 AugG/F FAWMedicineN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugG/F LA; LG1/F DMMedicineN/A19 AugStaff
22 AugProfessorial BlkMedicineN/A19 AugStaff
21 AugCafé 330CEDARSN/A19 AugStaff
21 Aug11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A15 AugStaff
21 Aug1/F and 4/F FMLMedicineN/A20 AugStudent
21 Aug5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A19 AugStaff
21 Aug5/F and 6/F FMAMedicineN/A16 AugStaff
20 AugKB; 2/F PSMedicineN/A19 AugStudent
20 Aug2/F MBSocial SciencesN/A18 AugStudent
19 AugQMHMedicineN/A15 AugStudent
19 Aug13/F LSKMedicineLSK17 AugStudent
19 Aug3/F and 4/F Academic BuildingMedicineLSK18 AugStudent
18 Aug5/F CJT; G/F RRSocial SciencesN/A16 AugStaff
18 AugLearning Commons, 1/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A15 AugStudent
18 AugLG/F FAWMedicineN/A17 AugStaff
17 AugL7 FML; 7/F HRIMedicineN/A15 AugStaff
17 Aug5/F Academic Building; 1/F KBMedicineN/A17 AugStaff
17 AugSTHEngineeringSTH17 AugStudent
17 AugSWHSwire HallSWH15 AugStaff
17 AugMHHong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social SciencesN/A16 AugStaff
17 Aug5/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A16 AugStaff
17 Aug7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A15 AugStaff
16 Aug6/F CRTArtsN/A15 AugStaff
16 Aug7/F KBArchitectureN/A12 AugStudent
16 Aug4/F SHH; UG/F NCMedicineSHH16 AugStudent
16 Aug1/F PMMedicineN/A9 AugStaff
16 Aug3/F & 4/F 3 Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A12 AugStudent
16 AugG/F & 1/F HRIMedicineN/A10 AugStaff
16 AugLG4/F EBEstates OfficeN/A15 AugStaff
15 Aug2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A10 AugStaff
15 AugUG/F NC, SHHMedicineSHH13 AugStudent
15 Aug4/F KAScienceN/A12 AugStudent
15 AugUHS, 2/F MWUHSN/A13 AugStaff
14 Aug9/F CRTArtsN/A12 AugStaff
13 AugUB/F, PMMedicineN/A10 AugStaff
13 AugUB/F, PMMedicineN/A10 AugStaff
12 Aug8/F FMLMedicineN/A9 AugStudent
11 Aug8/F FMLMedicineN/A8 AugStaff
11 AugLG2/F EBMedicineN/A9 AugStaff
11 AugPatrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicinePatrick Manson Student Residence11 AugStudent
11 AugHRISocial SciencesN/A7 AugStudent
10 Aug8/F CRTArtsN/A9 AugStaff
10 AugBlk T, QMHMedicineN/A5 AugStaff
10 AugWHMedicineWH10 AugStudent
9 AugWHMedicineWH9 AugStudent
9 Aug3/F HWEngineeringN/A5 AugStudent
9 AugMW, LG1/F CYPBusiness and EconomicsN/A8 AugStudent
9 Aug7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A5 AugStaff
8 Aug8/F CRTArtsN/A5 AugStaff
8 AugUG/F NCMedicineN/A6 AugStudent
8 Aug3/F HRIMedicineN/A5 AugStaff
8 AugG/F FAWMedicineN/A5 AugStaff
6 AugUHSEducationN/A1 AugStaff
4 Aug8/F FMLMedicineN/A3 AugStaff
4 Aug4/F CRTArtsN/A29 JulStaff
4 Aug1/F KBFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A30 JulStaff
4 Aug9/F KBRegistryN/A1 AugStaff
3 Aug9/F FMLMedicineN/A28 JulStaff
3 Aug3/F HRIMedicineN/A2 AugStudent
3 Aug7/F HRIMedicineN/A31 JulStudent
3 Aug6/F KAScienceN/A28 JulStaff
3 Aug5/F LBN; Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantLibrariesN/A2 AugStaff
3 AugLHYLee Hysan HallN/A2 AugStaff
2 Aug4/F HCScienceN/A1 AugStudent
2 Aug3/F CYCScienceN/A29 JulStaff
2 Aug8/F FMLMedicineN/A31 JulStaff
2 Aug8/F Administration Block; 6/F Block S, QMHMedicineN/A29 JulStaff
2 AugBlock J, QMHMedicineN/A29 JulStaff
1 AugG/F & LG1/F EBMedicineN/A29 JulStaff
1 Aug1/F EBMedicineN/A28 JulStaff
1 AugHRIMedicineN/A29 JulStudent
1 AugUG/F NCMedicineN/A30 JulStudent
1 Aug26/F One Island SouthMedicineN/A1 AugStaff
1 AugMBCommon CoreN/A29 JulStaff
1 AugMBCEDARSN/A29 JulStaff
1 AugRCCJockey Club Student Village IIIRCC29 JulStaff
1 AugCRHHong Kong University PressN/A28 JulStaff
1 Aug11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A31 JulStaff
31 Jul5/F Block T, QMHMedicineN/A27 JulStaff
31 JulL1 and L6 FMLMedicineN/A29 JulStudent
31 Jul1/F and 5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A29 JulStaff
30 Jul9/F KBRegistryN/A29 JulStaff
29 Jul1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A22 JulStaff
28 Jul1/F CPD, CYACETLN/A27 JulStaff
28 JulRCCMedicineRCC28 JulStudent
28 JulT2, T4 and 7/F MWEducationN/A23 JulStaff
28 Jul7/F and 8/F MWEducationN/A24 JulStudent
28 Jul6/F CJT, B-ActiveSocial SciencesN/A25 JulStaff
28 Jul3/F and 9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A26 JulStaff
28 Jul5/F HWEngineeringN/A26 JulStaff
28 Jul17/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A27 JulStaff
27 JulG/F and 1/F LAMedicineN/A20 JulStaff
27 JulBlk K and Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A26 JulStaff
27 JulUG/F, NCMedicineN/A20 JulStudent
27 Jul4/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A22 JulStudent
27 JulRNC, 3/F HW, alfafa cafe, Union RestaurantEngineeringRNC27 JulStudent
27 JulRSCEngineeringRSC27 JulStudent
26 Jul4/F Professorial Blk, Blk K and Blk S, QMHMedicineN/A25 JulStaff
26 Jul5/F Academic BuildingMedicineN/A22 JulStaff
26 Jul2/F NCMedicineN/A23 JulStaff
26 Jul2/F HC, UHS, CYMAC RestaurantScienceN/A21 JulStaff
26 Jul6/F CBEngineeringN/A22 JulStaff
25 JulCPDArtsLHT25 JulStudent
25 Jul1/F FMLMedicineN/A18 JulStudent
25 Jul7/F FMLMedicineN/A23 JulStaff
25 Jul3/F and 4/F FMLMedicineN/A22 JulStaff
25 Jul6/F Chi Wah Learning CommonsEducationN/A18 JulStaff
25 Jul5/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A22 JulStaff
25 Jul9/F CJTSocial SciencesLHT22 JulStaff
25 JulG/F CYPScienceN/A22 JulStaff
25 Jul2/F MWUHSN/A18 JulStaff
24 JulCYCScienceN/A23 JulStudent
23 Jul11/F CJTEngineeringN/A20 JulStudent
23 JulSTHScienceSTH23 JulStudent
22 JulLG/F EBMedicineN/A18 JulStaff
22 Jul9/F CCTLawN/A21 JulStaff
22 Jul1/F KBFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A18 JulStaff
22 Jul8/F KBArchitectureN/A19 JulStaff
22 JulWHWei Lun HallN/A20 JulStaff
22 JulGrand HallEngineeringN/A20 JulStaff
22 Jul4/F and 5/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A21 JulStaff
22 JulG/F and 2/F LBOITSN/A20 JulStaff
22 Jul6/F MWEducationN/A21 JulStaff
22 JulSTH; HKU B-ActiveBusiness and EconomicsSTH22 JulStudent
21 Jul9/F KBRegistryN/A20 JulStaff
21 Jul2/F C4ABusiness and EconomicsN/A19 JulStaff
21 Jul17/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A14 JulStaff
21 Jul8/F FMLMedicineN/A20 JulStaff
21 JulDuchess of Kent Children's Hospital; 5/F Professorial Blk, QMHMedicineN/A15 JulStaff
20 Jul6/F FMLMedicineN/A18 JulStaff
20 Jul5/F FMAMedicineN/A19 JulStaff
20 JulLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A20 JulStaff
20 Jul2/F C4ABusiness and EconomicsN/A20 JulStaff
20 Jul4/F LBNITSN/A19 JulStaff
20 Jul3/F MW, G/F and 2/F LBNArtsN/A15 JulStudent
20 JulGrand Hall, MBArts & LawN/A18 JulStudent
20 JulPPDentistryN/A15 JulStudent
20 JulPP, RLCDentistryRLC20 JulStudent
19 Jul2/F C4ABusiness and EconomicsN/A18 JulStaff
19 Jul4/F MWEducationN/A15 JulStaff
19 Jul4/F PPDentistryN/A13 JulStudent
19 JulPPDentistryN/A13 JulStudent
19 JulG/F PPDentistryN/A18 JulStudent
19 Jul5/F FMAMedicineN/A18 JulStaff
19 JulPCMedicineN/A15 JulStudent
19 Jul2/F PCMedicineN/A15 JulStudent
18 JulG/F, 1/F and 2/F WHWei Lun HallWH15 JulStaff
18 Jul2/F MWUHSN/A15 JulStaff
17 Jul5/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A14 JulStaff
17 JulMedical LibraryMedicineN/A15 JulStaff
17 Jul1/F NC, K19 Cardiac Lab, QMHMedicineN/A15 JulStaff
16 JulNCMedicineN/A13 JulStaff
15 Jul2/F NCMedicineN/A13 JulStaff
15 Jul7/F FMAMedicineN/A15 JulStudent
15 Jul8/F FMLMedicineN/A12 JulStaff
15 JulFSCAC Restaurant, KAScienceN/A13 JulStaff
14 Jul5/F FMLMedicineN/A12 JulStaff
14 JulSLHBusiness and EconomicsSLH14 JulStudent
14 Jul3/F CPD, 2/F Chi Wah Learning Commons, 3/F MBArtsN/A12 JulStudent
14 Jul3/F and 4/F CRTArtsN/A13 JulStaff
13 JulUHS, 3/F MWUHSN/A9 JulStaff
13 JulRBCEstates OfficeN/A8 JulStaff
13 Jul9/F FMLMedicineN/A8 JulStaff
12 Jul2/F KB, CYMAC Restaurant, HSBCEngineeringMOH11 JulStudent
12 JulLG3/F EBEstates OfficeN/A8 JulStaff
12 Jul1/F CPDTELIN/A11 JulStaff
12 Jul1/F NCMedicineN/A11 JulStaff
12 Jul1/F and 5/F FMAMedicineN/A11 JulStaff
11 Jul4/F and 5/F CRT, alfafa cafe, HKU Campus StoreArtsN/A5 JulStaff
11 JulHKU Business School Admiralty Town CentreBusiness and EconomicsN/A8 JulStaff
11 Jul3/F RMEducationN/A10 JulStaff
11 Jul4/F and 5/F MWEducationN/A7 JulStaff
11 Jul1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A8 JulStaff
8 JulHong Kong Eye HospitalMedicineN/A5 JulStaff
8 Jul1/F NCMedicineN/A6 JulStaff
8 Jul3/F FMLMedicineN/A5 JulStaff
8 Jul1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A4 JulStaff
8 Jul1/F KB, 2/F MBHuman Resources OfficeN/A7 JulStaff
7 JulJLScienceN/A3 JulStudent
7 Jul5/F MW, GHEducationGH7 JulStudent
7 JulSHCentre For Sports and Exercise4 JulStaff
7 JulHKU Eye CentreMedicine4 JulStaff
7 Jul9/F FMLMedicine30 JunStaff
7 JulUHS, CYMAC Restaurant, 9/F FMLMedicine30 JunStaff
6 Jul10/F KBPresident's OfficeN/A5 JulStaff
5 JulG/F and LB/F PMMedicineN/A4 JulStaff
5 Jul1/F Professorial Blk, 6/F Cancer Centre, QMHMedicineN/A4 JulStaff
4 Jul10/F CCTLawN/A30 JunStaff
4 Jul4/F CJTArtsN/A1 JulStaff
4 Jul19/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A30 JunStaff
4 Jul4/F Blk A and Blk D, QMHMedicineN/A1 JulStaff
4 Jul9/F KBRegistryN/A30 JunStaff
3 JulG/F CJTScienceN/A30 JunStudent
3 Jul2/F JLScienceN/A3 JulStudent
3 Jul2/F JLScienceN/A3 JulStaff
1 JulStarbucks Coffee, LG1/F CBSocial SciencesN/A27 JunStudent
1 JulLSK, HCScienceLSK1 JulStudent
1 JulLHTScienceLHT1 JulStudent
1 Jul7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A29 JunStaff
30 Jun2/F KAScienceN/A29 JunStudent
30 JunLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A24 JunStaff
29 Jun3/F PPDentistryN/A23 JunStaff
28 Jun6/F HWEngineeringN/A27 JunStaff
28 JunUHS, 3/F and 4/F RMEducationN/A24 JunStudent
28 JunL4 FMLMedicineN/A26 JunStaff
28 JunL7 FMLMedicineN/A24 JunStaff
28 Jun3/F FMA, Medical LibraryMedicineN/A23 JunStaff
28 Jun3/F PPDentistryN/A27 JunStaff
27 Jun2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A20 JunStaff
27 Jun9/F KBRegistryN/A21 JunStaff
27 JunG/F Patrick Manson Student Residence, KA, QMHMedicineN/A26 JunStudent
27 Jun1/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A24 JunStaff
26 Jun9/F FMLMedicineN/A24 JunStudent
26 JunFMLMedicineN/A24 JunStudent
25 JunFMLMedicineN/A24 JunStudent
25 Jun9/F and 10/F CCTLawN/A23 JunStaff
24 JunFHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A23 JunStaff
23 Jun6/F HRIMedicineN/A20 JunStaff
23 JunOne Island South, UHS, BIJAS VegetarianMedicineN/A22 JunStaff
23 Jun5/F HW, 14/F and 15/F KK (SCR)EngineeringN/A22 JunStaff
23 JunLHTEngineeringLHT23 JunStudent
22 JunRNCBusiness and EconomicsRNC22 JunStudent
22 JunLAMedicineN/A21 JunStaff
22 Jun3/F Professorial Blk, 8/F FMLMedicineN/A20 JunStudent
21 Jun3/F FMAMedicineN/A14 JunStaff
21 Jun4/F FMAMedicineN/A20 JunStaff
21 JunOut-Patient Department, QMHMedicineN/A18 JunStudent
21 Jun2/F Blk J, QMHMedicineN/A17 JunStudent
21 Jun2/F Blk J, QMHMedicineN/A18 JunStudent
21 Jun2/F Blk J, QMH, RCCMedicineN/A17 JunStudent
20 Jun7/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A17 JunStaff
20 Jun4/F Professorial Blk, 3/F NCMedicineN/A15 JunStaff
20 Jun2/F Professorial Blk, 2/F NCMedicineN/A18 JunStaff
20 JunG/F and 2/F PMMedicineN/A17 JunStaff
19 JunSJCEngineeringSJC19 JunStudent
18 JunRLC, Union RestaurantEngineeringRLC18 JunStudent
17 Jun2/F MH, UHSHKIHSSN/A15 JunStaff
17 Jun5/F KBArchitectureN/A16 JunStaff
16 Jun1/F FAWMedicinePine Court11 JunStaff
16 Jun5/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A14 JunStaff
16 Jun7, 8 and 11/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 JunStaff
16 JunLevel 7, Marina 8MedicineN/A15 JunStaff
15 JunL5 FML, UHSMedicineMOH14 JunStudent
15 Jun6/F CJT, Cafeteria by Favilla, Oliver's Super SandwichesSocial SciencesN/A14 JunStudent
15 JunHRIMedicineMOH14 JunStudent
14 Jun3/F KAScienceN/A12 JunStudent
14 Jun5/F K Blk, QMH MedicineN/A11 JunStaff
14 JunDKCH, 4/F Blk A, B, C and D, QMHMedicineN/A14 JunStaff
14 JunG/F FAWMedicineN/A13 JunStaff
14 JunPPDentistrySJC9 JunStudent
13 JunLG/F FMLMedicineN/A6 JunStaff
13 JunSHHMedicineN/A10 JunStudent
11 JunKB, RSCArchitectureRSC11 JunStudent
11 Jun2/F, 3/F and 4/F CYA7 JunVisitor
10 Jun10/F CCT, Bijas VegetarianLaw9 JunStaff
10 Jun11/F CJTSocial Sciences8 JunStaff
10 JunRSCBusiness & EconomicsRSC10 JunStudent
10 JunRNCBusiness & EconomicsRNC10 JunStudent
10 JunRNC, School of Chinese MedicineMedicineRNC10 JunStudent
10 JunLBOSocial Sciences9 JunStudent
9 Jun4/F Blk D, 4/F Blk E, 3/F Blk F, 4/F and 21/F Blk K, QMHMedicine8 JunStaff
9 Jun1/F PMMedicine8 JunStaff
8 JunRSCScienceRSC8 JunStudent
8 JunSJCMedicineSJC8 JunStudent
7 Jun1/F & 2/F CCT, RSCLawRSC7 JunStudent
6 JunL3 and L4 FMLMedicineN/A4 JunStudent
5 Jun6/F FMAMedicineN/A2 JunStaff
3 JunBay View Restaurant, Subway, L3 FMLMedicineN/A2 JunStaff
1 JunAcademic Services OfficeBusiness and EconomicsRNC27 MayStudent
31 May14/F KK (SCR), 10/F CCTLawN/A30 MayStaff
30 MaySJCBusiness and EconomicsSJC30 MayStudent
30 MaySJCBusiness and EconomicsSJC30 MayStudent
18 May7/F HRIMedicineN/A17 MayStudent
12 May9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A6 MayStaff
11 May5/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A10 MayStaff
5 May11/F KTCITSN/A4 MayStaff
5 May11/F KTC, UHSITSN/A3 MayStaff
4 May3/F HCScienceN/A28 AprStaff
26 Apr11/F CJT, G/F KK, 1/F KBSocial SciencesN/A22 AprStaff
23 Apr5/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A21 AprStaff
23 Apr5/F, 7/F and 8/F CJT, 3/F MBSocial SciencesN/A22 AprStaff
22 Apr3/F and 4/F CBEngineeringRCC19 AprStudent
21 AprL7 FMLMedicineN/A20 AprStaff
20 AprL1 FMLMedicineRCC19 AprStudent
19 AprL6 FMLMedicineN/A15 AprStaff
11 Apr1/F CYP, Faculty of Medicine Building, HRI, EBSafety OfficeN/A7 AprStaff
8 Apr5/F CBEngineeringN/A1 AprStudent
7 AprG/F, 1/F and 3/F HW, LG/F COB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A7 AprStudent
5 Apr1/F CPD, 1/F CJTCETLN/A5 AprStaff
5 Apr6/F KAScienceN/A29 MarStaff
4 AprPPDentistryN/A30 MarStudent
4 AprG/F KK, PPDentistryN/A1 AprStaff
4 AprPCMedicineN/A31 MarStudent
4 Apr9/F KBRegistryN/A31 MarStaff
2 Apr1/F and 2/F CCTScienceRSC28 MarStudent
1 AprChi Wah Learning Commons, 1/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A30 MarStudent
1 Apr3/F CYCScienceN/A31 MarStudent
1 Apr3/F, 6/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A31 MarStaff
1 Apr20/F and 21/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A30 MarStaff
31 MarL1 and L3 FMLMedicineN/A29 MarStaff
31 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A29 MarStaff
30 MarG/F - 2/F EHSocial SciencesN/A25 MarStaff
30 Mar3/F FMAMedicineN/A28 MarStaff
29 MarL7 FML, 5/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A28 MarStaff
29 MarLG, L3 and L4 FMLMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
29 Mar1/F, 2/F, 3/F and 5/F CB, 3/F HWEngineeringN/A24 MarStaff
28 Mar4/F KBArchitectureN/A22 MarStaff
28 Mar1/F and 2/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A23 MarStaff
27 Mar6/F HRIMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
27 MarLG3/F HRIMedicineN/A25 MarStaff
27 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
27 Mar6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A24 MarStaff
27 MarG/F HWEngineeringN/A21 MarStudent
26 MarUnion Restaurant, 4/F HWScienceN/A25 MarStaff
26 MarSLHSimon K Y Lee HallSLH24 MarStaff
26 MarG/F LAMedicineN/A24 MarStaff
26 Mar4/F KAScienceN/A25 MarStaff
26 MarLG2/F KKEstates OfficeN/A23 MarStaff
25 MarG/F, 3/F and 4/F LHTLady Ho Tung HallN/A20 MarStaff
25 MarLung Fu Shan Environmental Education CentreEstates OfficeN/A22 MarStaff
25 MarLAMedicineN/A22 MarStaff
25 MarL6 FMLMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
24 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A20 MarStaff
24 MarLG1/F CYCScienceN/A18 MarStaff
24 MarG/F KK, MBAsia Global InstituteN/A18 MarStaff
24 MarLG1/F LAMedicineN/A22 MarStaff
24 MarR/F FMLMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar1/F, 2/F and 4/F RM; 4/F, 5/F and 6/F MWEducationN/A22 MarStaff
23 Mar3/F PSEstates OfficeRodrigues Court21 MarStaff
23 MarHHDAAON/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar2/F LAMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
23 Mar1/F KTC, 1/F KB, The Coffee Academics FEON/A17 MarStaff
22 MarMHArtsN/A18 MarStaff
22 Mar1/F KB, 1/F MBRegistryN/A18 MarStaff
22 MarPPDentistryN/A18 MarStudent
22 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsBusiness and EconomicsSLH19 MarStudent
22 Mar3/F KAScienceN/A18 MarStudent
22 MarLHTEducationLHT21 MarStudent
22 MarG/F, LG1/F and LG2/F EBMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
22 MarR/F FMLMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
22 Mar6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
22 Mar6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A21 MarStaff
22 Mar7/F HWEngineeringN/A17 MarStaff
21 Mar4/F KB, Starbucks Coffee, U Deli, 3/F LBNArchitectureN/A18 MarStaff
21 MarL2 and L6 FMLMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
21 MarL2 and L6 FMLMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
21 MarL7 FMLMedicineN/A18 MarStaff
21 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
21 MarUHSDentistryN/A15 MarStaff
21 Mar1/F KTCFEON/A17 MarStaff
21 MarUHScienceUH21 MarStudent
20 Mar2/F and 6/F FMLMedicineN/A17 MarStaff
19 Mar3/F CYCScienceN/A15 MarStaff
19 Mar19/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
19 Mar4/F K Blk and Room 13, QMHMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
19 Mar12/F, KTCInternal Audit OfficeN/A15 MarStaff
19 MarUHS, G/F RM, 6/F CRTArtsN/A18 MarStaff
18 MarLG1/F HWEngineeringN/A12 MarStudent
18 MarG/F and 1/F LAMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
18 Mar21/F and 22/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A16 MarStaff
18 Mar21/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStudent
18 Mar8/F FMLMedicineN/A13 MarStaff
18 Mar9/F FMLMedicineN/A11 MarStudent
18 Mar5/F HRIMedicineN/A14 MarStudent
18 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, 2/F Novum WestDentistryN/A12 MarStaff
18 Mar1/F CCTUniversity LibrariesN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar2/F PPDentistryN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarPPDentistryN/A11 MarStudent
17 MarPPDentistryN/A15 MarStudent
17 Maralfafa caféDentistryN/A15 MarStudent
17 MarL6 FMLMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
17 MarL3 FMLMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarL3, L4, L10 and L11 FMLMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
17 Mar21/F and 22/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 MarBlk T, QMHMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 MarLAMedicineN/A12 MarStaff
17 Mar5/F K Blk, QMH MedicineN/A15 MarStaff
17 Mar14/F K Blk, QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
17 MarPatrick Manson Student ResidenceMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar6/F HRIMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
17 Mar11/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A11 MarStaff
17 MarRNCScienceRNC16 MarStudent
16 MarLG4/F EBEstates OfficeN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar6/F CBEngineeringN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar2/F Professorial BlockMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
16 Mar1/F DMMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
16 MarG/F SHHMedicineN/A14 MarStaff
15 MarG/F HWEngineeringN/A9 MarStaff
15 MarG/F and 2/F HWEngineeringN/A8 MarStaff
15 MarRMEducationN/A11 MarStaff
15 MarCCTLawN/A10 MarStaff
15 MarChi Wah Learning Commons, BIJAS VegetarianLawSCS14 MarStudent
15 Mar1/F C4BUniversity LibrariesN/A11 MarStaff
15 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A14 MarStaff
15 MarKBArchitectureN/A11 MarStudent
15 Mar4/F CYCScienceN/A12 MarStudent
15 MarCYCScienceN/A11 MarStudent
15 Mar5/F and 7/F KAScienceN/A14 MarStudent
15 MarRCLRC Lee HallN/A14 MarStaff
15 Mar5/F FMLMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
15 MarUHSMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F and 2/F FMLMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F FMLMedicineN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarHKU-FPA Andrology LaboratoryMedicineN/A12 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F Professorial Blk, 6/F Cancer Centre QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar5/F Blk K QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F Blk T QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar5/F and 6/F FMAMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
14 MarUHArtsUH14 MarStudent
14 Mar7/F and 8/F CRT, G/F KK, Starbucks CoffeeArtsN/A8 MarStaff
14 MarPPDentistryN/A10 MarStudent
14 MarPPDentistryN/A10 MarStudent
14 MarMBDentistryN/A11 MarStudent
14 MarKAScienceN/A11 MarStudent
14 MarKAScienceN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarFong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantArchitectureN/A9 MarStudent
14 MarG/F-16/F LSKLee Shau Kee HallN/A12 MarStaff
14 Mar1/F LBOUniversity LibrariesN/A7 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A10 MarStaff
14 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarPP Pros LabDentistryN/A7 MarStaff
13 MarPPDentistryN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarMBEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F and 4/F RRScienceN/A7 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F LBOBusiness and EconomicsN/A6 MarStudent
13 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A6 MarStudent
13 MarG/F KK, 11/F KTCRegistryN/A8 MarStaff
13 Mar2/F LAMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
13 MarK14S, K1, S3, QMHMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
13 Mar3/F QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
13 Mar1/F and 4/F FMLMedicineN/A11 MarStaff
13 Mar2/F FMLMedicineN/A7 MarStudent
12 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar4/F MWEducationN/A5 MarStaff
12 Mar5/F KTCEstates OfficeN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar3/F JLScienceN/A10 MarStaff
12 MarLBO, 4/F JLSafety OfficeN/A11 MarStaff
12 MarLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A8 MarStaff
12 MarBlk T QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F & 20/F Blk T QMHMedicineN/A6 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F & 20/F Blk T QMHMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F FMLMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar3/F FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
12 Mar4/F FMLMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
12 Mar8/F FMLMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar8/F FMLMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar1/F FMLMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
12 MarG/F 1/F LAMedicineN/A10 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F NCMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 Mar1/F PM, 7/F HRIMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
12 Mar2/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
12 MarUHMedicineUH12 MarStudent
12 MarUHArtsUH12 MarStudent
12 MarEHSocial Sciences7 MarStudent
12 MarUHSSocial SciencesRNC9 MarStudent
11 Mar1/F PPDentistryN/A8 MarStaff
11 MarUHSUHSN/A9 MarStaff
11 MarUHSUHSN/A9 MarStaff
11 Mar6/F CYC, 5/F CYP, 3/F bench outside CYAScienceN/A9 MarStaff
11 MarUnion RestaurantScienceUH5 MarStudent
11 MarUHEngineeringUH11 MarStudent
11 MarUHArtsUH11 MarStudent
10 MarLG2/F KKEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar11/F KK, Union RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A7 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F HW, Union Restaurant EngineeringN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A8 MarStaff
10 Mar2/F HCScienceN/A8 MarStaff
10 Mar8/F KAScienceN/A5 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F KAScienceN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarUHSScienceN/A7 MarStaff
10 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
10 MarL2 FMLMedicineN/A3 MarStudent
10 MarL1 FMLMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarL8 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
10 MarG/F and 1/F LAMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
10 Mar2/F Professional BlkMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar5/F HRIMedicineN/A8 MarStaff
10 MarGHSocial SciencesGraduate House9 MarStudent
10 Mar4/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A3 MarStudent
10 MarStudent FlatsArtsStudent Flats (6 Sassoon Road)10 MarStudent
10 Mar6/F KBArchitectureN/A6 MarStudent
10 Mar10/F KBRegistryN/A9 MarStaff
10 Mar3/F PPDentistryN/A8 MarStudent
10 MarLG4/F EB, 1/F FHEstates OfficeN/A9 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F KB, Union RestaurantArchitectureN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarLG2/F KK, 10/F KB, KB Main Plant Room, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarLG1/F COB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F HW, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F and 8/F HWEngineeringN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarCOB, HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F COBEngineeringPine Court2 MarStaff
9 Mar8/F KTCUniversity LibrariesN/A2 MarStaff
9 MarCCTLawN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar2/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F and 6/F Blk T, 3/F Professorial Blk, 7/F Blk S, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar10/F Blk T, QMH MedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarHKU Jockey Club Institute of Cancer CareMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarL10 FMLMedicineN/A9 MarStaff
9 MarL3 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
9 MarL9 FMLMedicineN/A5 MarStaff
9 MarL6 FMLMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarG/F Pharmacy of SCM, LG2/F EBMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 MarBay View Restaurant, 1/F and 6/F HRI, 1/F Yu Chun Keung Medical LibraryMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar8/F KAMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F Blk K, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
9 Mar5/F Blk K, QMHMedicineN/A5 MarStaff
9 Mar6/F Cancer Centre, 1/F Professorial Blk, Out-patient Clinic, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 Mar6/F CTC Conference Room, QMHMedicineN/A7 MarStaff
9 MarPP, Institute for Advanced DentistryDentistryN/A4 MarStudent
9 Mar8/F CRTArtsN/A1 MarStaff
9 Mar4/F Grantham HospitalMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarLG4/F EBEstates OfficeN/A7 MarStaff
8 MarEBEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F EBMedicineN/A5 MarStudent
8 MarEBMedicineN/A5 MarStudent
8 MarUG3/F SLHSimon KY Lee HallN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarG/F LHTLady Ho Tung HallN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F CYP, Union RestaurantSafety OfficeN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F CYPSafety OfficeN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F CYPScienceN/A1 MarStudent
8 Mar10/F KTCUniversity LibrariesN/A6 MarStaff
8 MarLYHUniversity LibrariesN/A2 MarStaff
8 MarL5 FMLMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 MarL3 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL3 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL3 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 MarL6 FMLMedicineN/A4 MarStudent
8 Mar6/F FMAMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F Professorial Blk, 1/F KBMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F Professorial BlkMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
8 Mar1/F NCMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
8 Mar2/F NCMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
8 Mar8/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F, 8/F and 9/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar6/F Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
8 Mar3/F QMHMedicineN/A4 MarStaff
8 Mar3/F RR, ParknShop, Union RestaurantScienceN/A1 MarStaff
8 Mar4/F CJTArtsN/A7 MarStaff
8 Mar3/F LBOBusiness and EconomicsN/A3 MarStudent
8 MarLBO, Cafe 330Social SciencesN/A3 MarStudent
8 Mar2/F PPDentistryN/A7 MarStudent
8 MarPPDentistryN/A3 MarStudent
7 MarPPDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
7 MarPPDentistryN/A3 MarStudent
7 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, Sai WanDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
7 MarLBODentistryN/A4 MarStudent
7 Mar3/F CYPScienceN/A2 MarStaff
7 MarKAScienceRNC4 MarStudent
7 MarKAScienceN/A4 MarStudent
7 Mar4/F KA, UHSScienceN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar2/F and 5/F CYCScienceN/A2 MarStudent
7 MarUHSUHSN/A4 MarStaff
7 MarUHSUHSN/A4 MarStaff
7 MarLG1/F, G/F and 10/F CRT, UHSArtsN/A1 MarStaff
7 Mar1/F and 9/F KB, Union RestaurantRegistryN/A28 FebStaff
7 Mar10/F KBPresident's OfficeN/A28 FebStaff
7 Mar4/F Blk K, QMHMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
7 MarFMLMedicineN/A1 MarStudent
7 Mar6/F FML, 2/F DMMedicineN/A1 MarStudent
7 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar3/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A5 MarStaff
7 MarLG2/F HWEngineeringN/A3 MarStudent
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A3 MarStaff
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A2 MarStaff
7 Mar10/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A1 MarStaff
7 MarPCPokfulam Amenities CentreN/A2 MarStaff
7 MarRBCRobert Black CollegeN/A5 MarStaff
7 Mar12/F MOHEducationMOH7 MarStudent
6 Mar2/F KKInformation Technology ServicesN/A4 MarStaff
6 MarUHSFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A5 MarStaff
6 Mar1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A3 MarStaff
6 Mar3/F PPDentistryN/A28 FebStaff
6 MarUHSDentistryN/A3 MarStaff
6 MarMB, 5 Sassoon Road, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
6 MarMBEstates OfficeN/A28 FebStaff
6 MarL2/F and 6/F FMLMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
6 MarUHSMedicineN/A3 MarStaff
6 Mar2/F LBO MainCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A1 MarStaff
6 MarG/F RRRegistryN/A1 MarStaff
6 Mar5/F CYPScienceMOH2 MarStudent
6 MarInnovation Wing TwoEngineeringN/A2 MarStaff
6 MarLG3/F CBEngineeringN/A4 MarStudent
5 Mar1/F CYCEngineeringN/A2 MarStudent
5 Mar1/F LBOITSN/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar7/F CRT, LBOArtsN/A28 FebStaff
5 Mar1/F MBHorizons OfficeN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarHH, 2/F MB, West GateDAAON/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar14/F and 15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A1 MarVisitor
5 Mar2/F FMAMedicineMOH4 MarStudent
5 Mar3/F and 10/F CCTLawN/A3 MarStaff
5 Mar4/F HCScienceN/A3 MarStudent
5 Mar4/F, 8/F KAScienceN/A4 MarStudent
5 Mar6/F MWEducationN/A4 MarStaff
5 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarGA/F, 1A/F and 2A/F FSFong Shu Chuen Amenites CentreN/A3 MarStaff
5 MarJockey Club Student village lllJockey Club Student Village lllN/A2 MarStaff
5 MarL4 FML, RLCMedicineRLC4 MarStudent
5 MarLG2/F COBEngineeringN/A2 MarStudent
5 MarLG2/F, G/F (CYC/CYP)ScienceN/A4 MarStaff
5 MarMain CampusDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
5 MarPPDentistryMOH3 MarStudent
5 MarSTHMedicineSTH4 MarStudent
5 MarUHSBusiness and EconomicsN/A3 MarStaff
5 MarUHSUniversity Health ServiceN/A1 MarStaff
5 MarUHSUniversity Health ServiceN/A4 MarStaff
4 MarLG1/F and LG2/F COBEngineeringRLC1 MarStudent
4 MarLHYArchitectureLHY3 MarStudent
4 Mar1/F MBMedicineN/A27 FebStudent
4 Mar8/F HRIScienceN/A3 MarStudent
4 MarHCScienceN/A27 FebStudent
4 MarUG/F and 3/F KBArchitectureN/A1 MarStudent
4 Mar10/F KB, UHSPresident's OfficeN/A2 MarStaff
4 Mar6/F CRTArtsN/A28 FebStaff
4 Mar1/F LBO MainInformation Technology ServicesN/A3 MarStaff
4 Mar9/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A2 MarStaff
4 MarHCScienceN/A1 MarStaff
4 MarMedical LibraryMedical LibraryN/A1 MarStaff
4 Mar4/F CRTArtsN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar4/F HCScienceN/A26 FebVisitor
4 Mar2/F CYC, LBNScienceN/A2 MarVisitor
4 Mar5/F HRIDr. Li Dak-Sum Research CentreN/A24 FebStaff
4 Mar3/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
4 MarRBCRobert Black CollegeN/A3 MarStaff
4 Mar4/F CJT, The BridgeSenior Common RoomN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar4/F CBEngineeringN/A26 FebStaff
4 Mar6/F CRTArtsN/A1 MarStaff
4 Mar3/F and LG/F HWEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F CYPScienceN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar7/F HWEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F HRISocial SciencesN/A24 FebStaff
3 MarMedical LibraryUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F and 7/F KBArchitectureMiddleton Towers25 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F and 7/F CCTLawPine Court28 FebStaff
3 MarG/F, LHTLady Ho Tung HallN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F LKS Faculty of MedicineMedicineN/A2 MarStaff
3 Mar4/F KAScienceN/A25 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F CYPScienceN/A28 FebStaff
3 Mar3/F C4BBusiness and EconomicsN/A28 FebStaff
3 MarUHSNon-Faculty Based Department/Office/Centre/UnitN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar6/F KAScienceN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar8/F KAScienceN/A26 FebStudent
3 MarMOHArtsMOH2 MarStudent
3 Mar10/F CRT, Chi Wah Learning CommonsArtsMOH28 FebStudent
3 MarG/F KKEngineeringLHY26 FebStudent
3 MarLHYEngineeringLHY2 MarStudent
3 MarPPDentistryN/A1 MarStudent
3 MarInnovation Wing, UHS, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A28 FebStudent
3 Mar4/F HCScienceMOH28 FebStudent
3 MarG/F RRLawN/A28 FebStudent
3 Mar8/F CJTArtsN/A2 MarStudent
3 Mar4/F HWEngineeringN/A1 MarStudent
3 MarWHMedicineWH3 MarStudent
3 Mar2/F CYCScienceN/A1 MarStaff
3 Mar3/F HW, CP1 COB, 7/F CBEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
3 MarUHSMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
3 MarUHS, HWEstates OfficeN/A1 MarStaff
3 MarL2 FMLMedicineN/A24 FebStaff
3 Mar2/F LBOITSN/A27 FebStaff
3 Mar5/F HWEngineeringN/A2 MarStaff
2 Mar14/F and 15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A28 FebVisitor
2 Mar1/F KTCFEON/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar1/F MBTELIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarCancer Center, QMHMedicineN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarSLHSimon KY Lee HallN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A23 FebStaff
2 MarLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarRLCJockey Club Student Village IIIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarMBTELIN/A23 FebStaff
2 Mar1/F KB, KioskRegistryN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarCYPSafety OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
2 MarL1 FMLMedicineN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarLG/F and 3/F CRT, Union RestaurantEstates OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar7/F KA, UHSScienceN/A28 FebStudent
2 Mar2/F and 6/F LBO, Union RestaurantArtsRNC1 MarStudent
2 MarSCSEngineeringSCS2 MarStudent
2 MarLBO, UHSEducationN/A25 FebStudent
2 MarLHYEngineeringLHY2 MarStudent
2 MarPPDentistryN/A1 MarStudent
2 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsArtsN/A27 FebStudent
2 MarL10 FML, Med libraryMedicineN/A2 MarStudent
2 Mar2/F KAScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 Mar3/F LBO, Gourmet AsiaMedicineN/A28 FebStudent
2 MarPPDentistryN/A24 FebStudent
2 MarPPDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
2 Mar1/F CYM Building, CYMAC RestaurantScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 Mar2/F CYCScienceN/A25 FebStudent
2 MarSLHBusiness and EconomicsSLH2 MarStudent
2 MarSCSArchitectureSCS2 MarStudent
2 Mar4/F CYCScienceN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarLKS Faculty of MedicineMedicineN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarG/F and 3/F YP, G/F and 7/F HWEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F, CJTCentre of Buddhist StudiesN/A28 FebStaff
2 Mar6/F and 8/F CBEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
2 Mar2/F CB, 1/F HW, Union Restaurant, LG/F COBEngineeringN/A1 MarStaff
2 Mar1/F, 2/F and 3/F HWEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
2 Mar10/F KB, 1/F MB, LYH, 7/F MWPresident’s OfficeN/A24 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F RRScienceN/A23 FebStaff
2 MarJockey Club Student Village IIIJockey Club Student Village IIIN/A1 MarStaff
2 MarLYHSocial SciencesN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarUHSJockey Club Student Villiage IIIN/A28 FebStaff
2 MarThe BridgeThe BridgeN/A26 FebStaff
2 Mar4/F CRT, Gourmet AsiaArtsN/A1 MarStaff
1 MarCYCEngineeringSTH23 FebStudent
1 MarChi Wah Learning CommonsEngineeringLHY24 FebStudent
1 MarPCMedicineN/A25 FebStudent
1 MarLHYArchitectureLHY28 FebStudent
1 MarLBOSocial SciencesN/A25 FebStudent
1 MarL1 and L6 FMLMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
1 Mar3/F KBArchitectureN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarPP, UHSDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarPPDentistryN/A28 FebStudent
1 Mar8/F HRIScienceN/A27 FebStudent
1 Mar3/F and 6/F KAScienceN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarLHYArchitectureLHY1 MarStudent
1 MarEHSocial SciencesN/A24 FebStudent
1 MarNo building, just the outsideArchitectureGH28 FebStudent
1 Mar8/F HWEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
1 MarUHSBusiness and EconomicsN/A1 MarStudent
1 MarUnion RestaurantEngineeringRLC28 FebStudent
1 MarLHYMedicineLHY1 MarStudent
1 MarSCSScienceSCS1 MarStudent
1 Mar7/F KA, UHSScienceN/A28 FebStudent
1 MarUHSEngineeringN/A28 FebStaff
1 MarL9, FML MedicineN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarSHCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A26 FebStaff
1 MarInstitute for Advanced Dentistry, Sai WanDentistryN/A23 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F Blk K and 2/F Main Blk, QMHMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarG/F SHHMedicineN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar6/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F CPDEstates OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarEstates OfficeEstates OfficeN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarKK, FSCAC RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarMOHMorrison HallN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar5/F CRTArtsN/A22 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F MBCEDARSN/A28 FebStaff
1 MarTam Gardens, Pine CourtsEstates OfficeN/A26 FebStaff
1 MarLG/F and G/F CYCScienceN/A24 FebVisitor
1 Mar8/F HRIScienceN/A24 FebVisitor
1 Mar14/F KK (SCR)Senior Common RoomN/A25 FebVisitor
1 Mar9/F KBRegistryN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F PPDentistryN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar4/F MW, UHSEducationN/A24 FebStaff
1 MarG/F RRRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
1 MarG/F CYCScienceN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F HRI, LHTSocial SciencesLHT23 FebStaff
1 MarUHSCentre for Sports and ExerciseN/A24 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F LBO, 1/F RR, UHSInformation Technology ServicesN/A22 FebStaff
1 MarMBArtsN/A23 FebStaff
1 Mar8/F FML, 1/F EB, 4/F and 6/F HRI MedicineN/A28 FebStaff
1 Mar2/F Cyberport 4Business and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
1 Mar1-2/F CCT (Law Library), HKU CanteenArchitectureN/A28 FebStaff
1 Mar15/F KK (SCR)Senior Common RoomN/A25 FebStaff
1 MarG/F and LG/F, SHHMedicineN/A23 FebStaff
1 Mar3/F MWCEDARSN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F, KBArchitectureN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F MWEducationN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F CRTArtsN/A22 FebStaff
28 FebUHSDentistryN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb6/F, CJTSocial SciencesN/A21 FebStaff
28 Feb4/F MWEducationN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb8/F KBArchitectureN/A26 FebStaff
28 FebL5 FMLMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
28 Feb15/F - 18/F LHTLady Ho Tung HallN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F, 3/F and 4/F FMLMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb4/F RRSciencePine Court27 FebStaff
28 FebPPDentistrySJC24 FebStudent
28 Feb3/F LBO, MOHScienceMOH25 FebStudent
28 FebSCSEngineeringSCS28 FebStudent
28 FebSTHBusiness and EconomicsSTH27 FebStudent
28 FebUHSDentistryN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebCYPScienceN/A23 FebStudent
28 FebUHDentistryN/A26 FebStudent
28 Feb4/F HCScienceN/A28 FebStudent
28 FebHRIMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebYP, Union Restaurant EngineeringN/A25 FebStudent
28 FebPPDentistryN/A23 FebStudent
28 Feb5/F HWEngineeringN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsBusiness and EconomicsN/A26 FebStudent
28 FebRun Run Shaw podiumScienceLHY21 FebStudent
28 FebLG/F CJT Central Podium, CCBusiness and EconomicsLHY24 JanStudent
28 FebLBOEducationN/A24 FebStudent
28 FebUHSEngineeringN/A26 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F, PPDentistryN/A24 FebStaff
28 Feb2/F, 3/F, 9/F and roof KAScienceN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb10/F KKBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
28 FebGA/F, 1A/F and 2A/F FSFong Shu Chuen Amenites CentreN/A26 FebVisitor
28 Feb15/F KKSenior Common RoomN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebLG/F HWElectron Microscope UnitN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebInstitute for Advanced Dentistry - Multi-specialty ClinicDentistryN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb5/F HWEngineeringN/A25 FebStaff
28 FebRBC and LYH, MBRobert Black CollegeN/A23 FebStaff
28 FebFSRegistryN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebCCTLawN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb1/F KTCFinance and Enterprises OfficeN/A24 FebStaff
28 FebL8 FMLMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
28 Feb3/F KAScienceN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLBOUniversity LibrariesN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb1/F KBFEON/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb1/F KBFEON/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb10/F KBRegistryN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F MBRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
27 FebLG/F and G/F, 5 Sassoon RoadMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebKA, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebL6 FMLMedicineN/A25 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F MBRegistryN/A23 FebStaff
27 Feb6/F HWEngineeringN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebL6 FML, CPOSMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
27 Feb2/F HRISocial SciencesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebG/F KK, 1/F KBStarr Hall OfficeN/A25 FebStaff
27 Feb3/F JLScienceN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebP4 GHGraduate SchoolN/A21 FebStaff
27 FebG/F LBO, UHSUniversity LibrariesN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebLG/F COBEngineeringN/A22 FebStaff
27 FebThe BridgeSenior Common RoomN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebG/F CYC, UHSScienceN/A24 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
27 FebUHSUHSN/A24 FebStaff
27 Feb3/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A22 FebStudent
27 FebCOB, MOHBusiness and EconomicsMOH25 FebStudent
27 FebLHYSocial SciencesLHY27 FebStudent
27 FebGeomorphology and Hydrology LaboratorySocial SciencesN/A23 FebStudent
27 FebSTHEngineeringSTH27 FebStudent
27 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, WHEducationWH21 FebStudent
27 FebUHSArchitectureN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F, PPDentistryN/A23 FebStaff
26 FebG/F, 1/F and 2/F FS, FSCAC RestaurantFong Shu Chuen Amenities CentreN/A25 FebStaff
26 Feb10/F, CCT and The Coffee Academics LawN/A23 FebStaff
26 FebSHCenter for Sports and ExerciseN/A24 FebStaff
26 FebG/F, CYPScienceN/A22 FebStaff
26 Feb1/F HRIMedicineN/A23 FebStaff
26 Feb2/F Cyberport, 1/F break-out roomBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
26 Feb1/F KBHRON/A23 FebStaff
26 FebSTHScienceSTH26 FebStudent
26 Feb3/F FMA, LHTMedicineLHT19 FebStudent
26 FebSLHLawSLH26 FebStudent
26 Feb8/F HRIScienceN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F CBEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb2/F and 6/F KBArchitectureN/A24 FebStudent
26 FebProfessionial Blk, QMHMedicineSJC24 FebStudent
26 FebSTHEngineeringSTH26 FebStudent
26 FebFMLMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
26 FebBlk K and Blk T, QMHMedicineN/A25 FebStudent
26 Feb4/F KBArchitectureN/A19 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F - 8/F CYC, Union Restaurant, UHSEngineeringN/A25 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F CRT, Union RestaurantArtsN/A19 FebStaff
26 Feb7/F, MWEducationN/A21 FebStaff
26 FebFSFong Shu Chuen Amenities CentreN/A24 FebVisitor
26 Feb1/F LBOITSN/A21 FebStaff
26 Feb2/F Town Center, CyberportBusiness and EconomicsN/A25 FebStaff
26 FebRCL, CYMAC RestaurantRC Lee HallN/A22 FebStaff
26 FebSTHMedicineSTH26 FebStudent
26 FebLSKEngineeringLSK26 FebStudent
26 FebLSKArtsLSK26 FebStudent
26 FebRCL, Union RestaurantMedicineRCL23 FebStudent
26 FebSTHScienceSTH26 FebStudent
26 Feb4/F KA, SJC, Gourmet Asia, Starbucks Coffee, Union RestaurantScienceSJC21 FebStudent
26 FebSTHMedicineSTH26 FebStudent
26 Feb7/F MW, STHEducationSTH21 FebStudent
26 FebSCSSocial SciencesSCS26 FebStudent
26 FebSCSBusiness and EconomicsSCS26 FebStudent
26 FebRIHEducationRIH26 FebStudent
26 FebSTHMedicineSTH26 FebStudent
26 FebLSKArchitectureLSK26 FebStudent
26 FebLSKEducationLSK26 FebStudent
26 Feb5/F CYCEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
26 Feb3/F HWEngineeringN/A21 FebStudent
26 FebFMAMedicineN/A21 FebStudent
26 Feb6/F KAScienceN/A22 FebStudent
26 FebKA, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A24 FebStudent
26 Feb2/F Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Park, QMH, Med Campus 2/F Learning CommonsMedicineN/A24 FebStudent
25 FebUHSUHSN/A25 FebStaff
25 Feb2/F LBO, Bijas Vegetarian, 6/F KAScienceN/A23 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F HW, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A21 FebStaff
25 Feb4/F GH, UHS, Café 330Graduate SchoolN/A21 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F COB, Refuse Room, KAEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
25 FebLG/F, G/F and 3/F CYCScienceN/A24 FebStaff
25 Feb8/F HRIScienceN/A24 FebStaff
25 FebLBOLibraryN/A20 FebStaff
25 Feb3/F, 4/F and 5/F CYP, FSCAC RestaurantScienceN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb7/F and 9/F CJT, The BridgeSocial SciencesN/A22 FebStaff
25 Feb1/F KB, KioskHRON/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb5/F and 6/F KK, SCRBusiness and EconomicsN/A23 FebStaff
25 Feb3/F CPDEstates OfficeN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb4/F JL, Union Restaurant Safety OfficeN/A18 FebStaff
25 Feb1/F KBHRON/A18 FebStaff
25 FebSCSSocial SciencesSCS25 FebStudent
25 Feb5/F and 6/F LBOArtsN/A22 FebStudent
25 FebRCL, UHSMedicineRCL23 FebStudent
25 FebRCL, UHSSocial SciencesRCL24 FebStudent
25 Feb5/F HRIMedicineN/A23 FebStudent
25 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsSocial SciencesN/A20 FebStudent
25 FebLG/F, 1/F, 2/F CYC, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A24 FebStudent
25 Feb7/F CJTSocial SciencesN/A18 FebStudent
24 Feb5/F HW, UHS, Sweet Bandott, BIJAS VegetarianEngineeringN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb5/F and 6/F KK, CYMAC Restaurant, Fong Shu Chuen Amenities Centre RestaurantBusiness and EconomicsN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb4/F PPDentistryN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebLG/F and 2/F KK, 10/F KB, LG1 CYPITSN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebLG1 and 1/F CYCScienceN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebAcadamic blk, SWIMSSWIMSN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebL2 and 1/F JC, Restaurant 1887MedicineN/A23 FebStaff
24 Feb4/F MWEducationN/A17 FebStaff
24 FebG/F - 2/F WH, G/F - 16/F RCLWei Lun HallN/A22 FebStaff
24 Feb1/F and 10/F KBHuman Resources OfficeN/A22 FebStaff
24 FebG/F, 7/F, HW, RBC, Gourmet Asia, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A19 FebStudent
24 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A19 FebStudent
24 Feb6/F and 7/F KBArchitectureN/A21 FebVisitor
24 FebL8, FML, Alfafa CaféMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
24 Feb1/F CPD, CJT, 3/F RR, Gourmet AsiaCETLN/A21 FebStaff
24 Feb2/F LBO, 2/F LBN, 1/F RR, 2/F MW (UHS)ITSN/A23 FebStaff
24 FebUHSLawN/A23 FebStaff
24 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, LSKArtsLSK18 FebStudent
24 FebChi Wah Learning Commons, Starbucks CoffeeBusiness and EconomicsN/A18 FebStudent
24 FebCEDARSBusiness and EconomicsWH16 FebStudent
24 FebL6 FMLMedicineN/A22 FebStudent
24 Feb6/F KBArchitectureN/A19 FebStudent
24 FebMed Library, 1/F FMA, 3/F QMH officeMedicineN/A18 FebStudent
24 FebUHS, 3/F CBEngineeringN/A23 FebStudent
24 FebLG/F MWEngineeringN/A17 FebStudent
24 FebSCSScienceSCSN/AStudent
24 FebSCSSocial SciencesSCS23 FebStudent
24 FebSCSBusiness and EconomicsSCSN/AStudent
23 FebSWHArtsSWH18 FebStudent
23 FebSWHScienceN/A20 FebStudent
23 FebN/AMedicineSTHN/AStudent
23 FebN/ABusiness and EconomicsSTHN/AStudent
23 Feb6/F KB, CYMAC RestaurantArchitectureN/A17 FebStudent
23 FebN/AEngineeringSTHN/AStudent
23 FebN/ABusiness and EconomicsSTHN/AStudent
23 Feb2/F CYP, Union RestaurantScienceRNC17 FebStudent
23 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A18 FebStudent
23 Feb6/F CRTArtsN/A20 FebStaff
23 Feb3/F MB, Union RestaurantCEDARSN/A21 FebStaff
23 Feb8/F, FMLMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
23 FebFMLMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
23 FebL5, FMLMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
23 FebL5 FMLMedicineN/A21 FebStaff
23 FebL3, L4, LG1 FML, A&E, QMHMedicineN/A22 FebStaff
23 Feb6/F, FMA MedicineN/A18 FebStaff
23 Feb7/F FMLMedicineN/A22 FebStudent
23 Feb3/F, Blk L, QMHMedicineN/A18 FebStudent
23 Feb4/F CYPScienceN/A15 FebStudent
22 Feb2/F KBArchitectureN/A12 FebStudent
22 Feb6/F & 7/F KBArchitectureN/A21 FebStaff
22 Feb6/F KB, CYMAC restaurant ArchitectureN/A16 FebStudent
22 Feb6/F KBArchitectureN/A10 FebStudent
22 Feb1/F PMMedicineN/A31 JanStaff
22 FebCYP, Union RestaurantScienceRNC17 FebStudent
22 FebLG3 CB, Union RestaurantEngineeringN/A16 FebStudent
22 Feb2/F & 3/F HW, 2/F CPLG EngineeringN/A18 FebStudent
22 Feb4/F CYP, LibraryScienceN/A19 FebStudent
22 FebN/ALawN/AN/AStudent
22 FebChi Wah Learning CommonsScienceN/A14 FebStudent
22 FebN/ASocial SciencesN/AN/AStudent
22 FebRIHBusiness and EconomicsRIH21 FebStudent
22 FebL10 FMLMedicineN/A10 FebStaff
22 Feb1/F PMMedicineN/A15 FebStaff
22 FebSpecial Collections reading area, 1/F and 4/F Main LibLibraryN/A16 FebStaff
22 FebPPDentistryN/A18 FebStaff
22 Feb3/F and 4/F CBEngineeringN/A21 FebStaff
21 Feb8/F FMLMedicineN/A17 FebStaff
21 Feb1/F CPD, Gourmet AsiaCETLN/A16 FebStaff
21 Feb11/F CJT Social SciencesN/A17 FebStaff