FAQs for Students


It depends on the organizing units and programme destination. You may contact the organizing departments/units for information. For general enquiries, please see below:

The University will not reimburse tuition fees paid by students in the current academic year. Instead, in both semesters it has already provided students with the flexibility to choose between letter grade, pass/fail and late drop options for all courses. Students opting for late drop will be able to make up the credits in a subsequent academic year, and will not be charged a composition fee for late-dropped credits from this academic year.

In order to minimize the impact to the residents and ensure fairness, there are arrangements for partial or full refund for those who are continuously absent from the hall/college. For the refund guidelines, please visit the “News” section under CEDARS Housing website. The guidelines cover only broad principles, please contact your hall/college office for further details on the logistics.

Please visit our e-Learning Resource Hub https://elearning-resource.hku.hk/, the T&L About the New Semester website https://tl.hku.hk/teachonline/online-resources-for-students/, or the Academic Advising Office website https://aao.hku.hk/online-advice/.