FAQs for Faculty / Department Heads


Please alert the colleague to send in supporting documents (local authority’s announcement, air/train tickets with dates, hotel bills, etc.) in this situation. You may then liaise with the colleague’s direct supervisor for the possibility of work from where they are and to treat such absence period as “Authorised Absence” (a copy of supporting documents will have to be sent to ncovstaff@hku.hk for HRS’ updating of the HCMS). If this is not possible, such absence period will have to be covered by an appropriate type of leave.

When the outbound traffic resumes, colleagues should refer to the question in FAQs for Staff if they opt to stay on. 

Other than the situations listed in FAQs for Staff, colleagues who choose to stay in the Mainland/overseas for personal reasons are required to apply for annual/unpaid leave as appropriate.

Colleagues should adhere to the self-quarantine measures after returning to Hong Kong and are required to apply for appropriate type of leave to cover the absence period (please refer to the FAQs for Staff for advice on special circumstances). 

While the coming semester will start with a dual mode of teaching, face-to-face classes shall be resumed once the public health situation in Hong Kong improves. We call on and appreciate colleagues’ efforts in arranging for exceptional measures to ensure continued teaching and learning for students during this period. Colleagues who stay overseas for personal reasons are required to apply for annual/unpaid leave.

Please immediately report the case to the Task Force on Infectious Diseases (TFID) by email to ncovstaff@hku.hk (for staff) or ncov@hku.hk (for students). Relevant offices including UHS and Estates Office will follow up accordingly. Please also remind the staff/student to submit the quarantine order as supporting document.

Please strongly advise the colleague to postpone the travel. If he/she must make the trip, he/she will be required to apply for leave of absence for the days that he/she is out of office, including the 14-day mandatory quarantine upon their return to Hong Kong.

Please advise the colleague that any approved business trips (e.g. professional/ sabbatical leaves for research, conference attendance, etc.) should be cancelled and no similar leave applications should be approved until the Government’s Outbound Travel Alert is lifted.

Please discuss with the colleague’s direct supervisor to determine the work arrangements including work from home during his/her living with someone under home quarantine period. Please remind the colleague to be vigilant at all times and practise the highest level of hygiene and infection control measures, such as maintaining a social distance, avoiding sharing personal items and having meals separately. In case he/she develops any symptoms, please ask him/her to seek medical consultation immediately and not to come back to the campus.

Please ensure a high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the office with reference to the “Cleaning Guideline at Emergency Response Level” issued by UHS (Updated on June 5, 2020).