Health advice

Regarding the recent COVID-19 outbreak in the Ursus Fitness Centre which is in close proximity to the Main Campus, please follow the protocol below:

  • If you develop symptoms > visit A&E services and inform medical staff about your contact history
  • If you have come into contact with confirmed cases > call CHP hotline (The hotline may be very busy. Please be patient and stay calm.)
  • If you have been classified by CHP as a confirmed / close contact case > report to your direct supervisor, email to ncovstaff@hku.hk(for staff) or ncov@hku.hk (for students) with your contact information for easy follow-up and do not come to campus

To assist members of the HKU community during the challenges and fast-moving developments brought about by the outbreak in Hong Kong, this COVID-19 INFO HUB is a resource centre that brings together updates, information and advice related to the University’s activities. The content for all sites linked in the index is updated as new information becomes available, so we recommend that students and colleagues check in regularly.